Human Trafficking is a major issue in India and Worldwide. Though, it has been there for ages, the reason for the need of immediate attention is the COVID – 19 Pandemic. The pandemic bought about various social and economical changes in India giving rise to human trafficking cases. The lockdown raised higher level of unemployment amongst daily wage earners. This further lead to effecting the economic background of such families, especially in the rural areas. Having no other source of income lead to desperation in people which made them promote human trafficking by selling their children, making them beg for money and sending their children for child labour. Moreover, the closure of schools increased human trafficking cases as there was no source of education for children. This gave the families and opportunity to use the children economically for labour and wed their girl child at an early age to save the future expenses. Absence of schools further increased the burden on families as many rural schools provided mid-day meal to their students. Absence of which made the children a further burden on the families and an additional stomach to feed. This made them give their children away in a hope for a better future for them and food for their children.

Along with such cases, many organ removal cases in the name of covid cases were found. Many physically fit people with weak financial backgrounds were falsely shown positive for corona virus and later declared dead because of the same. It was found that many traffickers removed organs from such bodies and declared them dead. Hence, this issue is important in the current times and require more attention than ever.

Yes, it’s difficult to step outside and help in this uncertain times but we individuals can start from our homes. The family domestic help, house help, workers, etc belong to rural and economically weak family backgrounds. Hence, talking to them and knowing about their lives can help us get a clear picture of their situation. We can educate them and spread awareness about the wrongs that they might be exposed to. This knowledge might help them be aware and spread the words to different people in their families and neighbourhood, that in turn might create a huge impact on the society as a whole.

Many a times people give into such situations where they willingly promote human trafficking, out of desperation and helplessness. As in case of a daily wage worker who has no other means to support his family economically might sell his child to survive. Hence, it is important to make them aware about various other way where they might get financial help without getting trapped into such rackets. There are government supports yojanas and schemes where they help such people, but in order to get help it is important to know about the availability of that help and that can only be done through awareness. It may not change the entire world scenario but one step by every citizen might make a huge impact altogether.