DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. Ever since this technology has paved its way it started
revolutionizing each and every possible field from the food medicines research and a lot more.
Every single individual has different genetic sequence and thus different DNA which is the
reason why this technology is used. The advent of DNA technology proved to be very
beneficial in the field of forensic science not only for providing criminal justice , determining
the parent of the child but also finding a missing person or even identifying the dead remains
of a person . Day in and day out we see innumerable catastrophic accidents happening over the
globe but when it happens it is usually not possible to determine the person because their
condition might have so deteriorated that all that would have left of them are ashes.


When these accidents happen it is the sole right of the family of the victim to get its body for
a proper funeral but without DNA technology it would not have been possible . Not only this
it is very difficult to find a missing person which can be resolved with the help of DNA
technology by with the help of DNA profile of the missing persons family.


We all have heard of 9/11 one of the darkest day so far that ripped off the humanity from the
roots. Just a few days after that National Institute of Justice formed a panel making
recommendations on forensic technologies, policies, and procedures to help identify thousands
of victims who suffered death at the hands of the terrorists in the World Trade Center.
Identification of victims were made by comparing their remains DNA with the samples present
in their personal belongings or by with their biological family. These remains could be
collected over 10 months to get the DNA sequence. More than one fourth of the case were able
to be identified in this manner. US FBI formed CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) in which
they contained DNA profile of missing persons relative to find him. This technology was used
in India in 1992 to find the remains of the victims who suffered death in Rajiv Gandhi
Assassination. NIJ also formed model legislature for proper utilization of this technology in
any catastrophe .


DNA technology played an important role in the field of forensic mostly in
finding remains of a person . More the decayed remains of an individual more is the role of DNA technology. Although this technology requires a lot of funding and the body parts which
are in good condition can be identified using cheaper sources such as dental examination Xray
etc but when it comes to fragments of body they are no match to DNA technology.

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