Life Teaches Us a Lesson

They say the truth will set you free, but what they neglect to mention is what happens when the truth isn’t what you want to hear

growing up and discovering the independence brings with it the realization that this world is not all cotton candy and giggles. when people let go of their security blankets and also leave parents care, siblings love and childhood memories and our comfortable zones and stand on their two feet’s – being accountable, minimizing negative consequences and negative life’s everyday challenges on their own – the more people realize the true nature of how the society works and seeing what the reality looks like outside of televisions shows showing seemingly perfect but stages and scripted scenes, the mask that covers the peoples face, the brave fronts people puts up and the curated personas that don’t align with who people really are.

As light fades away fast; it gets significantly colder and the people that we find around us seems to have drifted away without our knowledge, disappearing quicker than sound have now hides behind the hill top. in front of us is the city filled with lights and the top of the rooftop can be seen the glittering landscapes, with cars zooming around, building illuminated, and the largest, clearest moon ever laid on rising like a marbles

sometimes even the worst dreams are better than reality

in the world that appears to indulge in negativity, I find we need to do our best to share the good. Too many to shows, blogs and newspapers spew pessimism, seemingly dedicated to tearing people down and picking them apart, piece by piece, until there’s nothing left. this horribly judgement trend has no point, save for spite and harm. You merely have to flick through magazines or scroll through the online entertainment sites to observe how peoples fashion, hair, bodies and even personalities are being dissected for commentary. Spend five minutes on twitter and you’ll see a constant stream of pointless, trolling every time you refresh your feed. Rarely does anyone have anything nice to say anymore. It’s a playground of sore shut-ins bitching and gossiping, where people drag others down for their own twisted entertainment.

The suns gleams through, seemingly brighter than before. Its going to be good one, I think as I pour the first of many cups of coffee. I have a reason to know that, but I sensed the goodness in the air. Let nonce of use be fooled into thinking we need to know what the future holds. Everyone’s been brainwashed into thinking they know or should know. we’ll be alright if we simply keep moving forward. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. So next time someone asks about your Five-year plans, maybe shrug your shoulders and admit, “I don’t know- I am happy to see where life takes me”.

Our life was like a wildfire

It blazed and blazed and took down everything in its path

But eventually every flames must go out

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