Many people believe that being physically healthy is a sign of good health, but do they even consider their mental health? Today I am going to discuss this particular topic called “Mental health of a human being”.

Today youngsters and even old people are very particular about their physical health. They join gyms, participate in various cardio activities to make themselves physically fit but what about their mental health? How people would understand whether they are mentally fit or not? And if they know, then how will they overcome it? Today in this era of competition in everything, being in studies or fashion or anything else, everyone is running a race and is trying to outshine each other. Because of this, they have forgotten that their mind should also be taken care of like anything else. 

Anxiety and depression have now became a common issue for every individual. Some people try to hide their anxiety by talking too much or by remaining extremely quiet.

Have you ever wondered, everybody, talks about an illness like cancer, heart attack, migraine, etc very freely but when it comes to mental health, they often hide from everyone and consider it a shameful thing? No one openly talks about their mental illness because somewhere they think that it is shameful to share it with anyone. Even, if he/she talks about it openly then they get very little support and is stabbed by their friends in tougher times, which makes them weaker and lonely even when surrounded by a crowd. Nowadays there are some who understand this problem and openly help such victims. Else, earlier they used to tag that person insane and didn’t look after them. 

But I want to convey to such people to come out, express yourself whatever you are feeling, either share it on your social media or talk with your loved ones, there are definitely people who will help you to overcome it. This is not something to be ashamed of, it is also a part of your health. Never feel low because of love failure, study stress or family problems, etc.

You are not alone in this. Your loved ones are standing behind you to support you.

And in the end, I would like to convey my message to those who take mental health for granted that please don’t judge people in any way. You have no idea about what a person is going through. So, LIVE AND LET LIVE.