A Movie that connects us to the storyline and has an impact on us will always remain close to our hearts. Jersey is one such kind of movie. The movie holds multivarious emotions encountered by a person. The character described is relatable to every middle-class soul who is sacrificing their dreams to comfort and take care of their family. Scene-by-scene narration is done well and the pain we feel gradually makes us feel that we are dragged into the story. Lighting, picturization and visual effects add beauty to the eyes of the beholder.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” – Oprah Winfrey.

The lead is full of liveliness while he is playing cricket. He moves forward with the dream of playing for the country leaving behind all the criticisms. His passion makes him energetic, self-confident, and strong. The lead lady is in love with the fire in his eyes. She is strong, independent and clear about her choices in life. Both of them have portrayed their role in the finest way. They both support and believe each other in every phases of their life.

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other “ – Kate Stewart.

Marriage is not about dependence on a man or love him based on his money. It’s about loving each other by the way they are. The detailing of their love in an undetailed way is such a bliss to watch. People believe that the intimacy of a relationship starts to fade away after marriage. In spite of his downfall, pain the hero never shows his vexation towards his partner. The heroine may seem lost in the midst of managing the family. But her emotions rekindle when she sees him pursuing his passion again.

“Fathe’s Love will always remain imprinted in the heart of a son”

A Mother’s affection teaches the child to be happy with what is present. A  Father’s affection can push limits of the boundary to satisfy their wishes and pursue the kid’s dreams. The relationship between a father and child is trivialized by society. A child accepts his father for who he is. His father is a hero no matter where he works and how much he earns. These emotions are excellently captured in Jersey. There is a scene where he is not able to afford his son’s wish. The pain in his eyes has personified the emotions in a realistic way.

“Where words fail, music speaks”

Music has a major contribution in bringing out emotions in a surreal manner. The pleasure of romance and triumph of victory are sublimely expressed through the songs. The background score at the points where the hero gets a second chance to pursue his dreams and screams at a local station, makes us realize his intense pain. The lyrics blend with the music and turns into a soothing experience. The movie is undoubtedly a magnum opus for everyone who worked in it.

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