How to delay periods naturally?

There are plenty of times in a life of woman when she doesn’t wish for her menstrual cycle to come because ofsome special vacation lined up. There are some pills which can help delay the flow of your periods. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it may have some side effects. So, there are some all-natural, non-medical ways to delay your periods for a while.

Avoid eating spicy food because it increase the heat inside our body, which will trigger the period before date and if you want to delay your period, then you have to stop taking spicy food. But this method is not proven scientifically, it’s just a home remedy. You can not totally depend only on this method.

Start taking the lemon water. You just have too take one lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water. Start taking it before two or three days before your periods date.

Drinking more water. Water makes your period lighter, and helps in reducing heavy bleeding. Drinking more water with other remedies, make it effective in slowing down your period.

Cinnamon tea. Take two or three cinnamon stick, boil them in the water, and when water remains half the actual quantity. Your cinnamon tea is ready. Drink it twice a day before a week atleast.

Eating papaya and carrot. It’s safe and natural way to delay periods. Papayas are rich in carotene which triggers estrogen levels in the body leading to changes in the uterine blood flow.

French beans. Take the French beans, it’s easily available in the market, boil them in the water, take that water and add some lemon in it. Start drinking this water. It will help you.

Mustard seeds. Powder the mustard seeds and then add this powder to lukewarm milk, add some honey or you can add sugar also according to your taste. And then you have to take this mixture two or three times a day before the expected date can prove to be helpful. Antioxidant-rich chia seeds may be helpful in a similar manner.

Gram lentil. Fry some gram lentils, till they become soft. Now, grind them to make a thin powder. Now make a thick soup with this powder, and consume it daily.

Coriander seeds. Boil coriander seeds in the water, after boiling you can drink this water 2 or 3 times a day. Start this method before two or three weeks from the start date of your period.

Before applying any of these methods, consult your doctor. While these methods are safe to try, they may not be the most effective or work for everyone. These are not foolproof remedies, there can also be chances of irregular bleeding.