The role of sports programs in promoting academic success, health and fitness, responsible social behaviors and self confidence among young people and how such programs could be expanded to reach those in great need. While sports can encourage good study habits as well as the expression of ethical behaviors such as fair play, integrity, sportsman spirit and compassion and the result can be counterproductive if these values are not modelled by parents and coaches. Polo has been referred to as “the sport of kings”. This sports requires more energy and enthusiasm , youth is the best age to begin participating in it. It is more than just a game; it is something to be enjoyed with all of one’s heart. Only when we enjoy what we are doing can we contribute our full potential to it.

Polo is not only for men, but women can also play it, and there is an equal increase in that. many people have a passion for this sport but they abandon their dreams because they do not receive enough support and encouragement from their family. polo is an expensive sport where one has to spend money to buy horses and the clothing’s etc.  There are many sponsors who are ready to spend for the expenses, if the person financially not stable. There are numerous corporate entities eager to assist players. Most major cities have academies, including the Rajasthan Polo Club in Jaipur, the Greater Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai, and the Jindal Academy in Noida. If there are people who can help them financially, there will be a large number of young people who want to play.

This game, like any other, has more risk factors. Only when the person is on top of the horse and maintains proper posture and balance will he be able to play smoothly. It necessitates greater concentration, as the player must maintain a keen focus on the ball, his opponents, and then ride the horse; all in all, it is extremely dangerous. When it comes to risk factors, young people find it more exciting because they enjoy adventure, and in this game, the player must be both mentally and physically active. A major issue for at-risk youth is that they have not had the kinds of experiences that success in life necessitates, such as personal discipline and the ability to persevere. Athletics can be an effective tool for teaching life lessons.

Polo helps to improve your balance, coordination, and motor function. When hitting a ball with a mallet on a moving horse, hand-eye coordination is put to the test to the fullest. According to research, polo has numerous cardiovascular and muscle conditioning benefits. Power to your muscles and a lower risk of injury come from your core, which is strengthened by polo. According to research, an hour of activity can burn the same amount of calories as a 30-minute jog or cycle. Increased ride speed and duration will increase the intensity of your workout and burn more calories.

It is critical to raise awareness among young people that participation in sports promotes their healthy development. It is critical that these awareness campaigns begin at home, where parents should teach their children the value of playing games and encourage them in any way they can. In schools, students have one period allotted to them outdoor where they can play whatever games they want. However, not a single school provides students with polo guidance, despite the fact that these students are more familiar with cricket and football. This could be because polo is played on the top of a horse, and as a result, schools may not be able to discuss it, proper guidance that is what needed. So, just like any other sport, polo should be well known among students, and let us hope for a world where there are children who are as enthusiastic about polo as they are about cricket and football.

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