Technology- boon or bane

What is technology

Technology refers to an innovation of an idea which helps the human race to develop and make their life easy. Technology doesn’t mean only virtual things, it also includes some materialistic innovation and items. Telephone, smartphone, internet television, satellite, and many more are examples of technology.  Technology makes one’s life smooth and easy. Earlier people had to use their hands to pull water from wells. Time changed, people started to use pulli and then the motor pump  took place. The need of society brings the change in technology. Nowaday we have so many innovations and techs which help us to do our work even in our personal zone.

How it is important

Imagine one month without your phone, iron press, grinder in kitchen, geyser  in bathroom, fan and air conditioner in rooms- how do you feel. Yes, you can adjust for one day but you feel discomfort somehow. The activities you can perform easily with this stuff you find difficult to do. 

Even in the medical world business field, corporate sectors, law firms and many other professional areas depend on technical society. Technology saves lives and increases the human living ratio. We develop technology for the benefit of society but when it goes to the wrong hands the technology nature becomes destructive. We should always focus on the ethical use of technology. 

Technology evolution

Nothing is permanent in the world. Everything is temporary.  Things evolve and change their nature. As the same with technology. Technology evolves and changes according to the needs of society.

Necessity is the mother of innovation. 

 From Invention of bulb to invention of LED, from pulley to motor pumps, from super computer to smartphone- technology evolves for good and bad for both. The need of society leads to the change of technology. 

Boon or advantage

Technology has many advantages in different fields.

  1. Technology in education sector:

During the pandemic we all are house arrested to save ourselves from COVID-19 virus. Education of the students was at high risk of neglect. But technology helps us to continue our academic activities through online classes. Assessment evaluation, learning,  celebration and other activities are conducted through the internet. Technology plays an important role in the education sector in academic and non academic activities.

  •  Technology in Medical 

Technology saves many lives and gives hope to the hopeless people. Innovation in the medical sector has become a boon for humanity. Nanotechnology is one of the best examples of technology in medical science. During the pandemic doctors also come on internet platforms for the concern and prescription for their patience. It is only possible with the help of technology.

  • Technology in Corporate sector

Nowadays the corporate sector also works with innovation. Technology helps to collect data, analyze and interpret the data- all the work is based on technology. Computers help to do all the work of the corporate world. They work with technology on innovation. Due to the pandemic all the things scheduled online. Only technology makes it possible.

  • Technology in Judiciary sector

Judiciary is one of the important sectors. Judiciary works for justice so it is important that the judiciary must be technology strong. The Judiciary sector also started the use of information and communication technologies in their processing, hearing and conducting examination. Pandemic also creates opportunities to raise the use of technology in the judiciary. 

  • Technology in household 

Robotic vacuum cleaners and humanoid robots are the new technology. They take care of your house as humans do. They need to charge once a day. Humanoid robots not only follow the command but also make decisions when they felt needed with the help of artificial intelligence.  

Disadvantage or bane

  • Increase in crime rate

Technology becomes the bane when it is in the wrong hands. We all are aware about the cases in which technology plays a vital role to commit a crime. Ict technology connects people but we are not aware about the intentions of other people.

  1. Negative impact on Environment 

Most of the technology is based on the waves. For setting up the plants forest and cultivation land are getting spoiled. Chemicals and other plants pollute the water and air. Our nature is degrading because of technology. We should try to use them to the limit to save nature.

  • Less social interaction

Social media is one part of virtual technology. But here is a question that we are really connected to each other. Youngsters spend most of their time on social media but they are not that energetic. They don’t want to go outside and meet people. Social interaction is limited  to smartphones and applications.

  • Addiction of technology

We all are really addicted to technology. We need them for my survival. We found ourselves nothing without technology. 

  • Destructive nature of technology

In the war, use of technology could be more destructive in nature. Army fought for their nation. But when the war is about supremacy and technology becomes the tool. Then the technology is considered bane for society.

Use of  Nuclear technology in world war against Japan is one of the best examples to prove that technology is dangerous in itself.


Technology is really useful and helpful for the development of society. Technology brings changes and innovation makes our life easy. We don’t need to do as much hard work as earlier. But if technology gets in the wrong hands it is also very destructive for human existence. Ethical use of technology only brings prosperity and wealth in society. Technology is a boon as well as bane for human.

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