Population explosion and its problems

population is a very serious and underrated issue in todays life. Its need to be considered and handled as soon as possible. the population of whole world is estimated around 7.5 billion, which is a huge number.it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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the biggest problem we are facing is population explosion. Population explosion is sudden or sharp increase in number of people in an area . due to which we face lot of problems such as poverty, unemployment migration of people from rural to urban areas due to less facilities, shortage of food items, low standard of living and many other effects.

causes of population explosion

There are many causes of population explosion some of them are listed below:-

  1. The most important reason of the huge population explosion is Birth rate. The rate of birth rate is very high.it is due to many reasons such as lack of awareness and knowledge among people .especially in our country India .The rate of birth rate is very very high and some of the main reason is people are very fond of having a male child ,joint families ,infant mortality rate and many other reasons.

2. Falling death rate of human beings is also a big reason of such increase in population . Medical sciences have discovered many medicines (vaccines and antibiotics) and treatments through which human life has been increased significantly.

3.Poverty in developed countries is one of the reasons of population explosion.it is because it is considered that having more children means an extra chance of earning more when he/she will be grown up.

These are few causes of popuation explosion.

Problems due to population explosion

This sudden increase in population will definitely have some serious issues, some of them are:-

1 .More increase in population will result in more demand of food, healthcare, water, transportations housing and many other things. that will be impossible at one point if we will not do something to stop it.

2. The more population will result into more violence and conflicts in different parts of world.

3. Deforestation:- we all are aware of the term deforestation population is increasing day by day we need more land or area to live and it can only be accompished by cutting trees (forests).due to which our ability to take carbon dioxide decreases. Due to deforestation, wild animals and species are also suffering .

4.global warming :it is due to the burning of greenhouse gases. As population is increasing ,fossil fuels have a large impact in industrial societies when these fossil fuels (coal ,gas and oil) are burned they give carbon dioxide in huge amount and other greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon monoxide etc, which also leads to depletion of fossil fuels.

these are some few problems associated with population explosion which are creating a lot of problem for human beings.

Actions that can be applied to solve this problem

According to united nation, the population of world will be 10.8 billion by 2100.This is a very huge number and we do not know whether we will be able to tackle that difficulties in future.

strategies should be made to control population explosion that should include making public realize about consequences of overpopulation like it will decrease the quantities of basic needs of life .Employment rate should be increased as much as possible, family planning should be made, medical facility should be good in developing nations and there are many other measures that can be taken to control population explosion.