Swami Vivekananda and professor

When swami vivekananda was studying law at University College,london. A white professor disliked him intensely.
One day, professor was having lunch in dining room,just then swami vivekananda came along with his tray and sit next to professor.

Professor trying to insult said to Swami,”Mr.vivekananda a pig and a bird do not sit together”.

Vivekananda ji looked at him and quitely replied,”Don’t worry professor.l will fly away”and on saying it Swami ji get up and sat on another table.

Professor was reddened with rage and wanted to take revenge.

Next day,in class professor posed a question to Swami Vivekananda,”If you are walking down the street and found a package,within which there was a bag of wisdom and the bag of money and you can take one”.Then would you take?

Without hesitation swami vivekananda ji replied “The one with a money,of course”.
Professor smiled sacriastically and said,”if I was in your place I would have taken the bag with wisdom”
Swami Vivekananda shrugged and responded “Each one takes what he doesn’t have”.

Professor was angered by this. So angered When he saw swami ji’s answer sheet.he didn’t evaluate it and just wrote idiot on it and gave it to Swami ji.

Vivekananda took the answer sheet and sat on his desk.

After a few minutes Swami ji get up and went to professor and told him in dignified polite tone ,”professor you signed my answer sheet and forgot to give grade”.

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