5 Historical Tourist Places in India

Tourism is one of the main sources of economic strength in any country . Everyone loves visiting new places . People are usually attracted to historical tourist places for their rich history, beautiful stories and unsolved mystery . India also has a very eventful history which is till now remembered as there are many living proofs left behind of time . there are many archaeological sites, monument, buildings in India which holds this historical events in bright light in front of our eyes .Let’s talk about some of them —

  1. TAJ MAHAL : It is situated in Agra in New Delhi . It is one of the seven wonders of the world .It was acknowledged as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1883 . Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built it for the memory of his lovable wife Mumtaz Begum . It is built at the bank of the Jamuna river . Its construction started in 1632 and the whole Taj Mahal Complex was completed in 1653 .The architect of this Majestic Mahal is Ustad Ahmad Lahauri . The measurement of the whole complex is 17 hectares .In the current Indian currency It is 70 billion rupees to build the whole Taj Mahal . Shah Jahan tomb and Mumtaz tomb , both are inside a beautiful chamber of Taj Mahal .
Taj Mahal

2. KUTUB MINNAR : It is situated in Mehrauli of New Delhi . It is also accepted as a World Heritage site by UNESCO . Its total height is 72.5 and it is the tallest brick made minar in the whole world .Its construction was started in  1199 by the founder of Delhi Sultanate , Sultan Qutb Ud-Din Aibak &  was finished by his son-in-law Iltutmish  in 1220 by adding the upper three additional stories in the minar .It was founded and the victory min for foundation of Delhi Sultanate .

Kutub Minar

3. AJANTA CAVES: It is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.It is the mixture of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu religion.Mainly Buddhist monuments can be found here. It is also acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and now under the surveillance of the Archaeological Survey of India. It was founded in two parts in between the time of 2ndbeforeChrist (BC) to 6th AD. It has more than 29 caves.It depicts the finest art culture of ancient Indian civilization. There are lots of wall paintings and stone sculptures which show important historical events or common daily life events.

Ajanta Caves

4. VICTORIA MEMORIAL HALL: It is situated at Jawaharlal Nehru road in Kolkata.It is under the survey of ministry of culture. It was built between 1906 to 1621.The architect of Victoria Memorial Hall or William Emerson and Vincent Esch.This Museum is made entirely by white marble. This was founded on the occasion of 25 years rule by a British Queen Victoria all over India.It consists of a beautiful garden and 25 galleries like Royal galleries, portrait gallery,sculpture gallery, which have collections of many antique books,work collections of famous peoples and portraits etc.

Victoria Memorial Hall

5. GATEWAY OF INDIA: It is situated in Mumbai renowned architect George Wiffet had made the Gateway of India.It was constructed for commemorating the visiting of welling for Pier by Emperor George V and his Emperie Mary in 1911. They were the first British Monarch who visited India.The construction of it finished in 1924 and now owned by Archaeological Survey of India.It is the symbol of Mumbai city.

Gate way of India