From the previous article, we learned about how important passion and profession are. What are the simplest ways to earn money from some of the businesses and most probably with the lowest investments. In this part, we will uproot some more businesses which can give you a stable income and highly demanded fields.


Baking business is one of the simplest ways to earn money. If you are great at cooking and love to bake this will be the best way for you to follow your passion. You can bake different types of delicious cakes. People always would love to have homemade foods and things. Thus, they will crave cakes too… You can even start this in your kitchen with a regular oven and other materials. You can even do chocolates, cookies. Sweets are the best to gift someone. Thus, there will be no negative statements to this idea. If you are also a creative person you can decorate and wrap them beautifully to attract the audience.


Book merches are none other than book-related things and products. for Example, If you are a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia books or movies You can create some bookish merch which is related to the theme of NARNIA. Like, A printed coffee mug with a book theme (A famous quote or picture of the characters in the mug), enamel pins with the image of The Lion Aslan. Badges with the images or the quotes from the books. Postcards stamps, T-shirts even you can do a scarf with the quotes like a newspaper look. Most of the readers would love to have them in their showcase as well as in their Book photographs. And you can sell, key chains, bookmarks, bags, wallets, book sleeves, tote bags, Polaroids photos, watches necklace rings anything and everything related to books. There is a huge demand for these things among book bloggers and collectors. Especially, if you did customized products.


Conducting workshops is merely like teaching online or offline. It depends on your comfort zone. If you know any of the passions that are mentioned above or upcoming ideas or even any other related ideas you can do them to start your own workshop. For example, If you know mandala artworks you can teach them online or offline and for teaching them you can collect some amount as tuition fees. Remember, teaching is one of the precious Jobs in the whole world knowledge is not free. Even though if it comes free it’s not easy to teach someone. You should have some passion for teaching. And you should provide notes instructions videos and other requirements about the Art that you want to teach. Some of the ideas that you can carry out, if you know any of examples like, Journal makings, skincare products making, baking, Fashion designings, paper making, language skills if you have any bilingual skills like, German, French, Spanish, English, and Japanese, etc You can teach them and can get loads of money. Because students love learning new languages and there is a huge demand for bilingual People.

If you have passion for anything from the above… Start to develop the skill to take up as a passionate business. Most of the billionaires started from nothing. If they can why you can’t? If you can’t then who can? Let’s make our passions into actions.