Acid Attacks in India is a gruesome act which almost finishes the lives of survivors. But the IPC in the year 2013 got amended. And now we have strict laws against acid attackers.

An acid attack is a very dangerous incident. This does not only happens in India but also happens in foreign countries. According to a survey most of the acid attacks have been reported in UK and Bangladesh. An Acid attack causes a serious threat to the body parts resulting in the deformation of the face, limbs & legs and it’s been observed that most acid attacks are targeted at the face of victims. Acid attack is a heinous crime. It makes the life of the survivor miserable. There are many motives for acid attacks. In India, the cause of such gravity offence happens due to love issues, rejections, sexual abuse, dowry, extra-marital reason, cruelty, ego and the list of reasons go on. This form of crime happens as a form of Revenge against women. Acid Attack is a gruesome act which is horrible in nature and has lethal consequences on the lives of victims. This kind of incident makes the life of the acid attack survivors tough and way more miserable. The victims go through a lot of pain mentally and physically. Often it’s seen, the victims don’t get social acceptance post the crime. This leads to psychological disorders in them. It creates a negative impact on the lives of women. The after-effect of an acid attack depends upon the concentration of acid thrown. Body part gets decomposed like the skull, lip, skin, face, lose of eyesight, cause of deafness, hairs & teeth are destroyed and the skin also shrinks. Sometimes the victims don’t even survive. It especially happens to women who are the victims. They often isolate themselves after such incidents. The crime against them creates post-traumatic effects. There has been an increasing rate of acid attack incidents all over the world. The Government is opening rehabilitation centres to such victims to overcome the horrible assault against them. Many NGOs have stepped forward against this social issue by creating awareness among people.
In my point of view, there should be strict regulations regarding the sale and purchase of acids in shops. The acids which are used in acid attacks are very easily available and also its cheap. The easy access to such acids should be strictly regulated.
Acid attack is seen as a very common issue in India. But deforming someone’s face or neck or the entire body is an attempt to kill. The lawmakers should make special laws for acid attack cases and the victims or else they should amend the IPC. In IPC section Section 326 deals with the acid attackers. But its scope is really narrow and it is not comprehensive in nature. Section 326 of the IPC does not exactly chalks out the facts but it’s also very shady. The punishment to the criminals is also not defined in this section neither the penalties and fines. But depending upon the seriousness of the offence I feel the acid laws in India should be treated seriously. ‌Till now there was no specific law relating to acid attacks in India. But After the famous landmark case of LAXMI VS. UNION OF INDIA 2013, the acid laws are strictly taken into consideration and IPC got amended. Under Section 326A and 326B of IPC it was held that acid attack is a crime in India! The Code of Criminal Procedure Under Sec 357A and 357B got amended too!

Being an acid attacker victim is not easy! Starting a life from the beginning is not easy! Often it’s seen the victims do not get social recognition after such incidents. This is a big NO!! to such unhealthy hospitality. We should support and love the survivors for their courage!