Some successful entrepreneurs of recent time

Developing and Managing a business is called Entrepreneurship. The goal of the business is to gain profit. The entrepreneur should be innovative enough to make his/her business become a success. He/She should be having qualities of a good leader to execute the team work efficiently. This journey also comes with many risks.

Entrepreneurship includes start-ups and small business. Entrepreneurship creates jobs and helps in developing economy. Entrepreneurship does not have a specific path to follow. The path differs to for every aspiring entrepreneur according to their goals and their present conditions.

India has seen many of such successful entrepreneurs from a very long period. Here are some of the entrepreneurs of the recent times who managed to swim through the ocean and grab the trophy of success:

  1. RITESH AGARWAL (OYO ROOMS) : Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO Rooms was born in Odisha. He qualified the Thiel fellowship which was for entrepreneurs of age below 20. Ritesh founded OYO-On your own hotels and homes in 2013 and at the age of 22 he became a millionaire. The concept of OYO was inspired by Airbnb, a US based company. OYO headquarters is in Gurugram and the company has expanded to Malaysia and USA and 80 other countries.
  2. SHRADHA SHARMA ( YOUR STORY) : Your story was started in 2008 by Shradha Sharma. She Used to work at CNBC TV18 as a journalist before she decided to take this venture of start-up. Your story publishes stories of success of different people through their blog. The blog is published in 12 Indian languages. Now the net worth of the company is estimated to be $678K. More than 40,000 success stories have been published in the blog and has more than 10 million readers per month.
  3. BHAVISH AGARWAL ( OLA CABS) : Bhavish Agarwal was born in Punjab. He was a student of IIT Bombay and started his career by working in Microsoft. A Bad experience during one of his rented drive, gave him Idea of starting the car renting company. Ola cabs stared partnering with taxi drivers. They gave the comfort of booking the cars through mobile phones through the app to the customer. They also started partnering with auto drivers as well. Now the Net worth of the company is estimated to be $6.5 billion. Now Ola is renting e-bikes which aims bring revolution.
  4. KUNAL SHAH ( CRED) : CRED was started in 2018 by Kunal shah, Who is also known for starting the company freecharge. CRED is a app mostly for mobiles which helps the members to manage their credit cards in one place. Kunal Shah is a founder of tech company without engineering background . The company got funding before its execution. And it has a huge market as now.

The opportunities for an entrepreneur in India is very high and still growing. India is considered as a good investment destination. A report from pricwwaterhouseCoppers says that 2219 multinational companies emerge from India till 2024. A favorable environment for the business persons is developing in India. Along with government programs, private funds are also increasing in India and hopes to see much more successful entrepreneurs in future.