Happiness is a state of mind which we possess when something good happens to us and we feel that goodness at our heart. This is an abstract feeling which is not materialistic and cannot be bought by money or some other possession. Happiness brings with itself a lot of positivity and also provides us with the motivation to go ahead and achieve other milestones. Happiness also maintains the zeal and enthusiasm for doing things and experiencing new paths. Happy state of mind also increases the age of people and lets them live a longer life.

Happiness is a key to healthy life; it sets a soul free and encourages it to explore the world and also gives us power. Happiness is a part of being successful in life it is that fruit which we all want to grow and thus we do so much of hard work throughout our entire life so that we can live a happy peaceful life after all. Happiness cannot be ever faked it comes straight out from our heart and it is priceless. At the end of a hard-earned day all we care for is some peace and happiness in our families and ourselves so that we can start another fresh day ahead.

4 levels of Happiness :

” Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” . Of course, there are a number of different types of happiness and each person has different things in life that make them happy and unhappy. It is important for people to be self- aware and to truly understand what makes them happy and content as individuals. Take a look at the different types of happiness below and think about the things in your life that maku you happy.

There are main types of happiness, these being related to; pleasure, passion and purpose.

Pleasure :

Pleasure is important to us human beings but its related benefits are relatively short term. A delicious meal, a nice meeting with friends or listening to our favourite music all produce endorphins and offerus happy moments that can be the highlights of our day. However, these singular moments don’t equate to long- term satisfaction.

Passion :

Being passionate about something whether a hobby cause or group activity and actively being involved with it can be a great source of happiness. These activites deliver contentment in the medium term and provide a sense of achievement and variety in life

Purpose :

Feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself and that your actions will really matter can lead to a deep sense of fulfillment and long- term happiness. We all like to think that our lives have menaing and if you can find your ” calling” or be part of great team, group or organisation that are making a difference then chances are you will be truly happy.

Ultimate Good :

The fourth level of happiness is known as ultimate good. This is a fundamental desire we have as human beings for perfect truth, goodness beauty and love . Many people find this form of happiness through their religious beliefs. Even those who don’t believe in a higher power can find happiness in their pursuit of truth, beauty, love and goodness in themselves and in helping others. This level is happiness is often considered the most enduring and profound.

Different types of Happiness :

1. Joy :

Joy is when you win a hard- fought competition, you finally accomplish a project you’ve wanted to or times when you doible over in uncontrolled laughter when someone relates a hilarious story. Joy makes you feel great about yourself, makes you feel confident, assertive, capable, loved and fulfilled.

The feeling of joy is fleeting joy is presemt at the moment. It is possible to feel joy despite grief or uncertainty. Happiness can be found in many things. It transforms tough times into blessimgs and turns heartache into gratitude.

2. Love :

Second, on the list pf different types of happiness is love. Which means other things to different people still, a wholesome ,reciprocared love with another person seems to be the fundamental predictor of happiness. Here, we are not just talking about romantic love, it means to love with friends and family, as well as partners. When you’re in love, you’ re blissfully happy all the time.

3. Contentment :

The secret of Happiness is contentment which means a state of happiness or satisfaction . It isn’t a matter of being satisfied with what you have. Contentment not only holds the power tobmake you happy, but it will transforms your life in many ways.

4. Optimism :

Optimism is a type of happiness that reflects the belief that events or experience outcomes will generally be positive. The key to attaining happiness is to have an optimistic approach to life, as optimism reflects hope and faith, helping people believe that this world is the right place

5. Gratitude :

Gratitude creates positive emotions, like different types of happiness, joy, love, and contentment, it can undo the hold of negative emotions. It goes hand in hand with mindfulness in its focous on the present and greatfulness for what we have now, rather than wanting more and more.

6. Excitment :

Excitment can be anything from about a new job or moving to a different place and motivates youbto work harder and channel that positive energy into more constructive activity. Excitements is fleeting. It dissipates rather quickly and can turn into ennui. It sometimes acts as a motivating factor , and execitment often leads people to likely make a decision. Even a bad one as excitment leads to impulsivity.

7. Pride :

Last on the list of different types of happiness is pride. Yes, pride and happiness go hand in hand. You can take pride in your work and your family, your haome and yourself, and in anything you put effort, attention, and love into. It is a positive feeling in reactive to a jouous event.

There are 7 essential keys to happiness and success that will help to materialize both those things in your life:

* Gratitude.

* Be present

* Manage time Effectively

* Set smarter Goals

* Embody an Empowering morning Routine

* Tackle the MITs

* Focus on Health and wellbeing.

To get the most bang for the happiness buck, I’ve realized that I should complete four stages of reveling in a moment of happiness :

* Anticipate with pleasure.

* Savor the moment as I experience it,

* express my happiness to myself or others,

* reflect on a happy memory.

Four happy hormones :

* Dopamine

* serotonin

* Endorphins

* oxytocin

Strategies of Happiness :

* Do more activities that truely engage you

* savor life’s joy

* Learn to forgive

* Practice acts of kindness

* Nature relationships

* cultivate optimisim

* Avoid overthinking and social comparison

* Develop strategies for coping