Our School Classroom ‘Scene’

The picture presents before us the familiar sight of a teacher teaching in the classroom. The first bench is paying attention to her. The second bench is busy having fun and so is the third bench. This is my classroom, and that is my class teacher, Mrs Aarti Mishra. She teaches us History and indeed, we are all ears when we listen to her, but some of my classmates do not respect her presence the way they should. Madam tries her best to get them involved in the classroom activities but they usually ignore her. Madam is tremendously talented and goes out of her way to make the class interesting, but more often than not, some students miss out on the solid content that they can learn from her. Ours is a small school where the facilities are limited. For example, we do not have internet in our school, and very few computers. Under these circumstances, the work involved in getting printouts and interesting literature from the Net from a cyber café speaks volumes about our teacher’s dedication.

History can be a very interesting subject when the teacher transforms the classroom into a storehouse of unknown and intriguing facts from the past. This is what Mishra Madam does. The most charming thing about Madam is that she never loses her temper, be it when the backbenchers in the class misbehave or when the Principal simply walks into the classroom ,and starts pulling up students for their indiscipline interrupting an interesting class being given by our teacher. We wish he had the courtesy of respecting the teacher’s presence in the class. But everything changed on that fateful day.

I remember the day clearly. Mishra Madam lost her temper a spoiled brat in our class continuously disturbed the class by whispering, laughing etc. She went and gave the menace a slap on his face and asked him to leave the class. The next day the boy’s influential father came and created a huge scene in front of the classroom. The Principal supported the father instead of our teacher. What was amazing was that the man was abusing the dignity of our school and teacher in public, and he was being allowed to get away with it! Madam left the school premises that very day, never to come back again. Our Principal was nothing more than a servile flatterer. As a peace offering he invited the man to be Chief Guest at our annual function that year. We lost a fantastic teacher, but the school gained a generous ‘friend’ who donated lavishly towards the ‘infrastructural’ development of our school.

At the end of the session, we met Madam Mishra at a neighbourhood library. She smiled cheerfully and welcomed us when we rushed towards her to explain how much we missed her and her wonderful classes. I told her that I wanted to be a teacher like her. She smiled and replied that India is no longer the land where a teacher is treated like God and teaching a religion. She added that my desire to be a teacher would make me swim against the tide. She walked with a pat of encouragement, but to this day I remember her away as a lady who stood apart as a teacher and a human being.

My school is big and has a lot of classrooms. Each classroom is different and special in its own way. For example, we have special classrooms for art, music, history and geography, chemistry, physics and biology, and history and geography. In addition to all this, we have a cabinet of Informational material and gyms.

The largest of all the classrooms for art. It is spacious and transparent and has large windows to make it anything more natural light and walls are white. Benches are placed on the circle so that all of us are sitting next to each other. In the middle of hundreds of teachers of art, as well as her easel, when it from time to time some paint or a draft to show us. On the walls of our work with classes. On Saturdays in the classroom and held an art section in which talented students are leaving and those who love to draw.

Right next to the classrooms for art’s classrooms for music. There is no dock, but only chairs with pads for writing. On the board are drawn lines and it reminds of our sheet music. In the classroom, we also have a grand piano, for which the teacher sits and plays while we sing. There are two speakers, as well as a tape recorder, through which our teacher let various compositions. On the walls are portraits of great artists, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi. Before or after hours, members of the choir of our school here hold their rehearsals with the teacher

In addition to this special classroom, each class has its own, but they are all quite similar. In each of the walls, bright blue curtains are white, almost translucent. Large neon lights, huge green blackboard with chalk and sponges, chair of the teacher and the bench where we sit two by two. In our classroom, we have always Serbian, math and English, and sometimes other items, especially when they are on the wrong control tasks if they have special classrooms occupied.
And finally, a favorite place of all the students, room for a physical in which we play volleyball, basketball or football, gymnastics train, and sometimes table tennis.

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