Ovarian Cancer, more common than you think

Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer worldwide among women in developed countries and the most lethal of all gynecological related problems. We all must have heard about ovarian cancer but what exactly is Ovarian cancer? Ovarian cancer is when abnormal cells in the ovary begin to multiply out of control and form a tumor. If left untreated, the tumor can spread to other parts of the body. Most women having ovarian cancer live in fear of recurrence, which happens in about 85% of cases. Current treatments offer little hope and survival has remained virtually unchanged for almost three decades. New methods to prevent, detect and treat recurrence are urgently needed.

The biggest problem lies with the fact that the symptoms of ovarian cancer resembles the symptoms of other common problems faced by women. So, it is often ignored and taken lightly. Some of the symptoms include

  1. Abdominal bloating
  2. Menstrual irregularities
  3. Difficulty eating
  4. An increase in urination
  5. Menstrual irregularities

Again having these symptoms doesn’t always signify having a disease but definitely get it checked out to be on the safe side. Usually symptoms these types of symptoms are often temporary and respond to simple treatments in most cases. The symptoms will persist if they’re due to ovarian cancer. Symptoms usually become more severe as the tumor grows. Technology needed to treat ovarian cancer are fairly under developed and less so it is always to have it be diagnosed during the initial stages.

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