Vaccination drive could save lives

The corona virus pandemic hits all of us so hard; it has impacted the lives and livelihoods of the people around the world. Second wave was a warning sign with thousands of death reported due to covid.

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Although, during first wave India have managed well by following norms and guidelines issued by our government.  People followed social distancing, hand washing and masking along with other preventive measures. The whole country was under lockdown to break the chain of transmission but had a devastating impact on the country’s economy.

However, we should thankful for the advances made in the field of medical technology and research for the discovery of covid-19 vaccination. This will strengthen our fight against corona virus. Even after vaccination it is important to follow the covid appropriate behavior.

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As extraordinary situations required extra ordinary measures, mandatory vaccination for all could help us to achieve herd immunity. This will help us to increase the capacity of healthcare system. 

Why the need and demand increases with time?

High Time – This is the high time to make vaccination mandatory to protect the lives of people, protecting the vulnerable and preventing the devastating effect of lock down.

Public Safety – Clinical trials and ongoing researches have shown vaccinated people are at lower risk of developing severe diseases than the unvaccinated ones. Mortality is rare for fully vaccinated ones, researchers and scientists have developed vaccines which have negligible side effects and higher efficacy rates.

Continuous Supply – As per the current situation it is important to maintain the pace of vaccination drives to break the chain of transmission and to achieve herd immunity. The central and state governments should work in collaboration to make the vaccination drive successful by ensuring proper supply.

Healthcare System – Healthcare workers or frontline warriors should be fully vaccinated along with their family members. So, that everyone could be safe because they are the ones who are taking care of the patients in this time of emergency. Their safety should come first to strengthen healthcare infrastructure.

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