Shashi Tharoor and his Ideology on the British Rule in India

Shashi Tharoor is a writer and that too an extraordinary one. He is a legend and his pen has the power to change the world through his words. He writes others maybe imagine but can not put into appropriate words. He has many published works which are just perfect. One such work of his is the book named An Era of Darkness : The British Empire in India. This book was also published in United Kingdom under the name Inglorious Empire : What the British did to India. It was of course a best seller. This book basically depicts what is in Shashi Tharoor’s mind about the British rule in India. His ideology about the British Empire is written in this amazing work. Through this book he wants us to know about “the origins of the difficulties that confronted India.” , as stated by himself. In simple words, he wants us to understand about the evils of the British Rule in India and how it affected us. He strongly desires an apology from the British, same as whole of the country does. In his opinion, an apology would be most desirable, rather than compensation by cash or other valuables. This book also exposes the corruptions during that period along with questions their claim on superiority.

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He deeply explains the way how it all came to the establishment of British Empire and also about why it all happened. He puts light on the manipulations of the British on the people of our country. He has clearly stated in his book that “this book is an argument and not a story.” He argues that the ruling record of the Indian governments is far better than the British. He accepts the fact that the British has in fact paid the reparations in form of aids over the years, but he is adamant that they were not due to guilt. According to Tharoor, India suffered many problems and conflicts due to racism, wars, disputes for kingdoms and other several problems, under the British Rule. He also states in his book that “this just basic knowledge about the history of our country but is still unknown even to the educated Indians.” He stresses on his point of the reparations, by saying that day by day it is getting late to amend things but it’s certainly not that late. The damage is done but can still be somewhat repaired to some extent.

Tharoor has remarked that every single thing the British did and the rules they imposed on the citizens were for their own benefit and not ours. He is right of course in all his arguments. The correct word for the Rule of British in India has to be ‘rotten’. The British Rule and their Empire was rotten in terms of all the policies they put up to follow, all the standards as compared to ours. He has done an impeccable job on the book and made us realize what we had forgotten with time.