Studying abroad or in your country.

Earlier people used to study in their own country to get a degree , but now as time has evolved students are getting many new opportunities to study abroad. In my opinion it has both negative and positive impact depending on the situation.

To embark on , people are moving out of their country to study because they find better opportunities there. They feel that the teaching faculty is better there. Sometimes people go to an other country to get other benefits like improved medical facilities and better salary. People sometimes feel that getting a job that pays well is very important and that they would get more options. For an instance my elder brother went to Canada for his higher studies so that he can get a job there and settle there. Therefore many other people also move out to study so that they can settle there. Hence , students have more opportunity to study abroad.

However , there are also some disadvantages of it. People often feel difficult to cope with the changes. They get homesick and it sometimes leads to anxiety and depression. Not everyone can spend a lot of money so they choose to stay in the country only. Language that you speak plays an important role , you may not understand what people are saying. One may feel lost and disgusted.

According to me , this development has some benefits nut surely has some repercussions also. People should take decisions accordingly.

To encapsulate , people should look out for themselves and decide whether they can cope up or not . If they make a wrong decisions they might end up ruining there life.

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