Team Software Process (TSP) – In Short

What is TSP ?

 TSP (Team Software Process) is a guideline for software product development teams.
 TSP focuses on helping development teams to improve their quality and productivity to better meet
goals of cost and progress.
 TSP is designed for groups ranging from 2 persons to 20 persons. TSP can be applied to large
multiple-group processes for up to 150 persons.
 There are 8 steps for implementing PSP and TSP. Each step is focused on solving particular process

1. Objectives of TSP

1.To build a self-directed teams that plan and track their work, establish goals and own their process
and plans. These can be pure software teams or integrated teams
2.Shows managers how to coach and motivate the team members so that they can give peak (high)
3.It accelerate (increases) the software process development

2. Goal of TSP

The goal of the TSP is to build a ―Self-Directed‖ project teams that organizes itself to produce high
quality software.

3. Activities of TSP

1) Project Launch: It reviews project objective and describes the TSP structure and content. It
assigns need and roles to the team members and describes the customers need statement.
2) High Level Design: it creates the high level design, specify the design, inspect the design and
develop the integration plan.
3) Implementation: This uses the PSP to implement the modules and the functions.
4) Integration and Testing: Testing builds and integrates the system.
5) Postmortem: Writes the cycle report and produces peer and team review.

4. TSP Advantages

  1. Defines roles and responsibilities for each team member.
  2. Track quantitative project data.
  3. Identifies a team process that is appropriate for the project and a strategy for implementing the process.
  4. Defines local standards that are applicable to the team‘s software engineering work;
  5. Continually assesses risk and reacts to it;
  6. Tracks, manages, and reports project status.

TSP & PSP Comparison

1. PSP(Personal Software Process)provide a standard personal process structure for software developers1. TSP (Team Software Process) is a guideline for software product Development teams.
2. PSP consists of a set of methods, tables, scripts etc. that serve as a guideline for software developers to plan, measure and manage their  Work, including how to define their processes and measure quality and productivity.2. TSP focuses on helping development teams to improve their quality and productivity to better   meet goals of cost and progress.    
3. PSP skills are used in a TSP team Environment.3. TSP teams consist of PSP-trained developers who volunteer for areas of project responsibility, so the project is managed by the team Itself.
4. The PSP is a personal process that can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual developer.4. TSP uses team based planning sessions 
5. The Personal Software Process (PSP) is an SEI technology that brings discipline to the practices of individual software engineers for improving product quality and increasing cost. 5. The Team Software Process (TSP) is complementary SEI technology that enables teams   to develop software-intensive products more effectively.