5 Technology a Civil Engineering Student Should Learn : : —

In the present time technology is the basis of human civilization . Moreover, if you are an engineering student then you should be aware of the current technologies .If you are an engineering student you also should learn some Technologies for future perspectives . Civil engineering students also have to learn some Technologies . Some of the must learn technologies are listed below .

Drawing in AutoCAD
  1. AutoCAD ~~ It is a ‘Computer Aided Design’ or CAD and a drafting software which was first launched in December in the year of 1982 .Autodesk is the developer company of this software . AutoCAD is free of charge for students from all over the world . It is used by civil engineers, Architects , graphic designers, project planners and other professional professionals . It is used for making designs of any part which will be constructed . It is used in the sector of automobile ship construction, aeromodelling architecture etc.AutoCAD can be 2D (2 Dimension) Or 3D (3 Dimension) .

2. STAAD Pro ~~ This software was built by Research Engineers International in the year of 1997 and now it is under Bentley systems . It is an analytic software .This software is used for analysis and design works in the structural field . It is used for analysis of the Steel Timber concrete  which are the important elements to build a construction .This software is supportive for almost 90 International design codes .

3DS Max

3. 3DS Max ~~  it is a ‘3D Computer Graphics Program’ software . It is also known as ‘3D Studio Max’ . It is software from Autodesk . It was first released by Autodesk in April of the year of 1996 . It is mostly used by developers for video games , architects for visualizing and interior studios for commercial purposes .

Drawing in Revit

4. Revit ~~ It first appeared on April 5th in the year of 2000 . It was invented by the Autodesk company .It is a ‘Building information Modelling’ type of software .It is used in the field of structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering , architecture etc. It is used to design the structure of a building with details in 3D .

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel ~~ It was first released in 1987 by the Microsoft company . It is a spreadsheet application .  It has so many features like graphic tools , various tables ‘Visual Resic of Application’ programming language , and calculation .It is used for collecting data and arranging it in a systematic way and reserves it . It is used in every engineering sector and is a very important and useful application of Microsoft Windows operating system .

Microsoft Project

6. Microsoft Project ~~ It was first released in 1984 by Microsoft .It is a ‘Project Management’ type software . It works only in Windows .It is used for tracking the progress ,collecting datas ,and analyzing it in a better & systematic way . It is usually used by project Managers but As an engineering student it is beneficial to know this application .

These are not the only technologies a civil engineering student should learn . Apart from them there are some more like Primavera ,Maya ,ArcGIS ,Solid Works , IoT (Internet of Things) ,3D Printing ,BIM (Building Information Modelling) etc.