Stress due to repeated exams

Students often feel stress due to repeated exams, assignments, homework, class test etc. Many schools and colleges pressure students to study and get good marks. In this blog we are going to counter the following topics stress due to exams, stress management techniques, need of extracurricular.

Stress due to Exams

Nowadays stress is common among school and college students because of repeated exams, class tests and assignments. Every school and college wants its students to study well get good marks. That’s right I agree, but in order to increase students marks they keep extra classes after school, keep repeated tests. With this student feels stress. Student goes to school at 9:00 am and return back to home at 8:00 pm. After returning home also he has to do his homework. Thus he left with no time to play or do anything else he wants. Every school should increase the interest in studies to its students. If they were successful, then each and every students enjoys studying, like this student will not feel any kind of stress.

Stress management techniques for students

Stress is the feeling of physical and emotional stress. Stress adversely effect the physical and mental state of a person. According to a survey teen are most effected stress comparing to adults. These are some stress management techniques to reduce stress.

1. Sleep well

Student scheduled plan may even miss there sleep. You should have to sleep atleast 8 hours per day, inorder to have good health. Students who sleep less than 8 hours are often found less productive on comparing to student who sleep atleast 8 hours.

2. Exercise regularly

It was found in a study that doing yoga and exercise every day help to reduce stress levels. There are several benefits of doing exercise and yoga. It also help to improve your health condition. Physical activity may help bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

3. Listen to music

Music is the best medecine to relieve stress. Listening music conveniently decrease the stress levels. Music help you to calm down your mind from your tension.

4. Eat a healthier diet

You may not believe the eating healthy food can low your stress levels. Eating a healthier diet boost brainpower, which help to focus on your work with great potential.

5. Spend time with friends and family

Friends and family are the one who supports us in our bad times. They will encourage us. They may help to relieve our stress. You can share your tensions and problems to them. They give the sense of and self-worth.

6. Go out and have fun

If you feel stressed, then just go out play with your friends. Playing games help to reduce your stress levels. This will give relaxation to mind as well as body. Gaming results in dopamine secretion, which makes you feel good.

Need of extracurricular in schools

Every student is unique, some are interested in music and some in art and some in computers etc. Every school should encourage students in the subject which they love. If they do so, then every student will become a champion. There should be some extracurricular activities such as sports, NCC, events etc in schools other than academics.

That’s all from my side. I hope you like it. This blog is not criticizing any school, but it is showing the need of change in schools. Thank you.