Online classes are here to stay . Online learning has gain popularity , thanks to this pandemic . Not only colleges & universities but all schools have also introduced this system . In this pandemic , where the whole world is in lockdown it was very difficult to continue studies as all schools , universities , organizations were shut , & here these online class came into force .Online classes have whole different environment as compare to our traditional form of classroom , & students are enjoying this environment.

Some advantages of online classes which you also will relate to are :

  1. Taking classes usually means showing up on class at a particular time, sitting through a somewhat lengthy lecture and then going directly to your next class. Or, if you’ve spaced your classes out, you may be able to take a break in between, but you still have to stay on campus. It can make for really long, really intense, really exhausting days. Then you have to come home, do homework, sleep and do it all again the next day. It can easily become a grind. But with online classes you can sit comfortable & take the lecture by sitting in the position you want to .
  2. Online classes teaches you self discipline , because their is no teacher that will ask you to sit in discipline . You learn the most important thing of your line that is self discipline .
  3. Comfort of you very own home is what students like the most . You can take class from any where & every where .

4 Online classes will force you outside of your comfort zone (in a good way). You will have to learn to navigate the course lectures, download materials, interact with others online and communicate well digitally. Yes, this may be scary for some people! However, in the information age, these are essential skills and will allow you to keep pace with others.

At the same time online classes have disadvantages also which all of us know , they are :

  1. Online learning creates a sense of isolation , students starts feeling that they are in a cage & somebody is forcing you to sit in front of a device .
  2. It require self discipline , students don’t have this skill , as this skill require experience.
  3. Online classes are prone to technical issues, it require proper network connection & needs a proper device for taking classes on .
  4. Online classes need more time to be spend on screen & people don’t have this much time & patience to sit at one place .

Conclusion drawn from this is , we all know that this pandemic will stay for long & online classes are the only remedy for this , to avoid contact with one & other , & for students safety & security , online classes are here to stay

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