The very first thought when I read Macbeth for my university paper was, “Goodness, this is ideal for Halloween.” Macbeth begins with a lightning storm and three very creepy witches.

The name “Shakespeare” can be perceived by children and grown-ups the same all throughout the planet. Macbeth is the one play that stood apart from me from the rest, for both great and awful reasons.  Macbeth is the story of how a little push for greed can send an aspiring, ambitious man on a disastrous and deadly fate.

Macbeth is a Thane (a provincial chief) in Scotland, and when he performs strikingly on the battlefield, King Duncan raises Macbeth’s degree of power. In the meantime, Macbeth and Banquo meet three witches on their way back to the kingdom, and they foresee that Macbeth will become ruler. This gives him ideas and when he tells it to his better half, and Lady Macbeth is resolved to get that power. Murder, foul play, madness, and more conflict and war hence follow. Giving the personal verdict I’d say that Macbeth was incredibly lucid and readable. I didn’t end up stammering over sentences (particularly when I read it out loud with a terrible Scottish accent).

What is the play about? It’s about desire and greed. It’s about the ambition. We do see mankind, to say the least, humanity at its worst. Macbeth and his. Significant other. Lady Macbeth fail…and flop pitiably as individual human beings. Three witches encounter Macbeth, a victorious military leader, that he will become the king of Duncan. With this goody of premonition, the seed of aspiration in Macbeth sprouts. He starts to consider how he should deal with make the witches’ prescience work out. The sprout is watered and supported by Lady Macbeth, his better half, who urges her significant other to adopt an active strategy. Macbeth appeared to be blinded by the ideas of power, but he had some integrity in that he felt remorseful. He delayed, he hesitated, he dreaded and feared, he needed guts. But Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, was really wicked. Macduff, who demanded of his fellow fighters that he be permitted to kill Macbeth in retaliation for the deaths of his wife and children, search out Macbeth and battles him proclaiming, “Macduff was from his mom’s womb untimely ripped.” last of the witches’ prophecies about him. That being said, I truly appreciate and enjoy Shakespeare now and then. He has special insight with words that can’t be denied. Also, Macbeth is one of his best works. There are such countless lines and expressions from Macbeth that are a valid part of our culture…” sound and fury”….”something wicked this way comes…” not to mention those famous “double, double, toil and trouble…”. I’d highly suggest this play. Indeed, it’s presumably one of the better entry points into Shakespeare since it’s short, not a complex plot – however, a rich one, and is one of the more recognizable works. It’s a book brimming with magnetic words, which beg to be savored. Proceeding to turn the pages is an effortless act when with each passing moment something significant in the plot is occurring.

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