Eeducation or elearning is the delivery of education or training by electronic teaching methods like computers or laptops etc. E- Education means Schools on Web and it consolidates virtual classrooms, laboratories and integrates it with your other enterprise applications. These now supplement the face – 2 – face class room and commonly known as Blended Learning. It is the learning experiences from the online information sources. This E-Learning approach helps the students know, makes them understand how to research more and the students can preserve their online resources posterity. It helps the teacher to provide better materials for the students by doing research on various topics and subjects. It normally works over the internet and provides numerous tools such as for assessment, communications, collaborations, uploading of content etc.

Schools On Web help in connecting people with each other and provides new ways of communications and collaborations with the help of all kinds of information’s being provided by it. The aim is – Learning without Limits- anytime, in any place, and at any pace. It provides a platform where students and parents are connected, administrators are empowered and teachers are inspired.

E- Learning

The technologies of web collaborations helps in real time access to subjects or instructors or topic matters directly from the PC of users. The key communication/ participation tools are: e mail, chat rooms, whiteboards, journals etc.

Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Enable the teaching od new or existing courses wuthin virtual classrooms
  2. Interactive sessions which can be recorded
  3. Effective evaluation of virtual classes
  4. Provide instant accesS
  5. Generate academic reports
  6. Enables to track the progress of individual learner

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning stimulates experiments and boosts the dimensions of interest, involvement, imagination and interaction by virtual laboratories, scenario – based learning activities and tests of different concepts. All these can be incorporated into various teaching approaches as pre-labs, as alternatives to textbooks home work and individual or group activities.

Some of the key benefits are :

  1. Highly Interactive Platform
  2. Provide Learning by Doing
  3. Ensures and promotes high level of cognition and retention
  4. Safety and Security is ensured
  5. Simulates real-life environments

Management System

E-Learning helps in managing fee structure, fee submission, generation of time table and management, library management and other reports. Web based Institute Management software is designed which enables better interaction among students, teachers, parents and managing body. Thus, it helps in customization of the system for respective needs at a reasonable cost.

COVID 19 and E – Education

Countries are at different points in their COVID 19 infection rates and worldwide there are nearly 1.2 billion children in 186 countries who are getting affected by school closures due to the pandemic. With such sudden transition and shift away from the classroom many problems and issues have emerged across the globe. In such situations, online learning and e-learning approaches have emerged as solutions and in response to significant demand, many online learning platforms have also moved forward for offering free access to their educational services. With the help of e-learning and online teaching initiatives many issues which were being faced in the field of education have been sorted out but still there are still lots of problems which are associated with the availability of proper infrastructures etc. at each and every corner of the globe which can enable each and everyone to access the facilities of e-learning.