Enjoying the journey

Imagine a difficult time in your life. All of us have a lot of situations that broke us. Now imagine your life without that situation. In some cases, you must be glad it happened because now you are in a good place.

But, if you are one of those people who are thinking that your life would be better if that situation did not take place. Think of the good times you had because of the bad situation.

We cannot always avoid bad situations from happening. But what we can do is enjoy our journey. I am not saying to start laughing when bad things happen but learn to embrace the journey. We are always so caught up in reaching the destination that we forget what the journey holds.

We get to learn a lot from the bad situations of our life. We become more self-aware of who we are. There are a few things that we cannot learn from school. Those things only our life experiences can teach us.

It is on us whether we want to learn from those experiences or not. One thing that all of us should understand is that problems and difficult situations will come our way no matter what. That is what life is. But, it is on us to see what we learn from it.

For example: Imagine you got rejected in an interview that you really wanted. Now, are you going to cry and give up the idea of the job, or are you going to learn from your experience and go to your next interview more prepared?

We also face issues with our friends. Our friends don’t be there for us when we need them. Sometimes they break our trust. This also teaches us an important lesson in our life. It teaches us on how to be strong on our own. It teaches us that with or without people, we need to learn to be happy.

To reach our goal or our destination, we come across hurdles called experiences. They can be good or bad. But, we are supposed to enjoy these experiences because every experience teaches us something. As cliché as it sounds,  Everything happens for a reason.

People are so caught up in reaching their destination that they forget about the beautiful journey. They often forget to embrace their experiences and learn from them.

Do not be those people because “we can never relive the same moment again” Reading this quote for the first time scared me. But, it also made me want to live more moments and appreciate them while they last.

All that we are left with are memories. Think about your school life. Good or bad, I am sure it has moments you would always capture in your heart.

We are always looking forward to the next step of our life. We forget about the journey.

More than our destination it is our journey and experiences that made us into who we are today. So enjoy the journey while it lasts.

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