Let us respect farming and farmers!!

                                                 IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE

Farming plays a major role to the life of any human being. Without food, life on earth is not possible as hunger will consume every human and living being on this earth. Each and every modern food like pizza, burger, sandwich and nuggets and many more have atleast one primary content of cereal in it.

 This sector is the primary factor for any economical balance and system of a country. Agriculture is commonly called as the backbone of any nation as it supports the important necessity factor of any country. Provides employment for various industries and population in an enormous rate that can be guaranteed for sure.

If the farmer is poor then so is the whole country”.  – Polish Proverb

Agriculture is the only platform that proves to provide self-employment and opportunities for others also. A smart way of farming can help you earn more than a lakh a month with organic based products alone. It’s stream also associates with rearing of farm animals, and sea creatures along with livelihood of many families. In rural sides, the basic establishment is agriculture to run their family.

There maybe sophisticated industries uprising and converting the society into a digital world, but a farmer can never be replaced or compared with anyone as they are preferred as gods to fulfill our stomach on time.

The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways”.      – John F. Kennedy

There are critical situations where farmers lose hope on their passion and life resulting in suicides. These corporates also play a role in controlling vast area of these fields and demolishing but these issues became outdated inspite of protesting it.

An agricultural life is one eminently calculated for human happiness and human virtue”.    – Josiah Quincy

It can be considered as the India is the ancient and first nation to spread the cultivation process all over countries by exporting them also encouraging friendly nations to produce their paddy or farming.

An independent, stress-free job only with your hardwork and knowledge about effective production for each variety of seed, you succeed with your outcome.

Certain kind of insults and discriminations are made in every step of their life denoting their passion as if some kind wrong act to stabilize certain dignity of higher caste forgetting about the reality as farmers are rulers of any nation.

To understand the present let me take you to an incident, “Imagine a situation where you have to just drink water and tolerate your hunger, you can adjust for a day or even one week but your health will gradually decrease since as a defect to fulfil hunger”.

Our health is balanced and nutrition is maintained because of the benefits of various pulses and grains that supports life force of every species. So, try to support and cultivate the habit of encouraging it to younger generations as they need to respect and know the importance played by this sector in a nation’s economy.

           “If farmers fail to keep hands on land, we can’t keep hands on food/rice

Try creating awareness and modify of vision towards farmers to appreciate them at right work which is forgotten by us mostly. Helping a farmer is like feeding a thousand children while they are hungry. Do support agriculture and respect as mere humans to maintain humanity.

The things must be told to every single child to know the value of farming to be recognized and adopt this as their passion in upcoming future.