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I am a Data Scientist as well as a content writer interested in creating exclusive blogs, contents for spreading awareness among people at the most and information that might help them in a better way.

A Reliable Learning Via Robotics and machines….

                                    IMPORTANCE OF STEM EDUCATION FOR AN ENHANCED LEARNING Definition Of Stem STEM is an artificial intelligence related to Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics but it is a vast concept […]

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A General Awareness on the pandemic!!!

                             RECENT UPDATES ON THE CURRENT SITUATION OF COVID PANDEMIC The second wave of Covid is making people suffer from its worst effects as the newly affected on a daily […]

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Let us respect farming and farmers!!

                                                 IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE Farming plays a major role to the life of any human being. Without food, life on earth is not possible as hunger will consume every human […]

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

                                                      Information regarding NPD to be aware of A typical kind of mental disorder among several personality disorders. This enhances them to behave in a self-caring way also can be called […]

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                                            THE SINGLE GUL BY ASVIN JOSH The trending posts that also consists of the single called “Gul” is yet to release on social media to catch the eyes of the viewers. This is a kind of song that can be related with nature and its animals. Concentrating on the […]

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