Want to be a optimist?! That’s Easy!!

Are you a person lacking confidence and hope in everything? Trying hard to be an optimistic person? It’s very easy. Let’s see how to be optimistic in everything through this article.


A pessimist is a person who thinks the worst side of anything or they have a thought that they can’t do it. These pessimistic thoughts came from fear to do something. They often focus on the negative side or an unfavorable situation rather than thinking about what is going right. A pessimistic person is more likely to notice problems or it may cause anxiety to them. These types of people may have depression because of this. If we want to know clearly, it is a personality trait. These pessimistic persons wouldn’t believe anyone because they don’t know whether those persons have good intentions. To put it simply, they don’t believe anyone firmly.

According to research, pessimism is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and the lower self-esteem was also associated with the right side of the brain. Though pessimism is a perspective that affects the general worldview, it is not an unchangeable trait that can’t be changed throughout the lifetime. A pessimistic person can also be optimistic like others.

” A pessimist is an optimist in full possession of the facts “.

– Arthur Schopenhauer


Till now, we saw about pessimism; Being optimistic is a wonderful thought that make us feel self-confident and self- aware. As we saw, pessimism is connected to the right side of the brain and optimism is connected to the left side of the brain. But we should know that both the right and left brains are necessary to maintain a healthy state. Yes, both optimism and pessimism are related to each other and necessary to maintain a healthy life. But sometimes, the pessimistic thoughts may come upon the optimistic thoughts. The only thing is we should control our pessimistic thoughts.

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Just follow few tips and automatically be an optimistic person. Yeah, that’s for sure.

  • First, learn to be grateful. Being grateful makes you both optimistic and have a great personality. Even if it is a small thing, be grateful to the one who helped you. For example, if one helped you during your difficult times, don’t forget their help when you reached some peaks in your career or life. So, grateful and optimistic feel makes you feel better than anything.
  • Always believe that you can do it even when no one can! In this case, being optimistic helps you to achieve it. Just believe and move towards your goal. Let me say myself as an example, I love photography and I participate in many inter-collegiate competitions. Till now, I didn’t win any prizes, but I continue to pursue my dream. And I hope one day I will be able to win the prize. Just trim yourself to be a better and confident individual.
  • Don’t think that it is impossible. When the word impossible reaches your mind or heart you can’t do anything, don’t allow it. Anything is possible if you are very optimistic and confident. Think about it, if anyone can do your work, why are you here? Just ask this yourself and find yourself in yourself.
  • If there is some problem, just look into a solution rather than blowing it into a big volcano. Be calm and shuttle, think optimistically, and seek solutions. It will be good for you and your loved ones.
  •  Then, focus on the things which are under your control. Don’t look into things that are out of your control. Because those things can disturb you and make you a pessimist sometimes.
  • Lastly, love fearlessly and no one can stop you in this. Yes, pursue your love optimistically. Your love can either be your career or dream or anything just pursue it optimistically. And learn to see beauty in small things. For example, none of us would say,’ I don’t like a child ‘ because we forget ourselves when we are with them. This is an optimistic feel. If there is a smile on that child’s face without any doubt we will be happy, Right? That’s it. This tells you how optimistic you are!!

Both optimism and pessimism are needed in our life but they should be kept at an equal level to maintain a healthy and a happy life.

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