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Hong Kong Disneyland Says Closing Over China Virus Fears

The Hong Kong Disney land is still a dream land for many children. It is also know as the HK Disneyland or HKDL . It is situated in the Penny’s bay in the Lantau Island . It is located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. It is the largest theme park in Hong Kong. It was opened on 12th September on the year of 2005. The built the theme park by incorporating the Chinese culture and also many customs and tradition. They have built the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort entrance with a bend so that the good vital force energy would not flow into the the South China Sea. This park consists of seven themed areas .Languages such as English , Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken by the cast members of the Disney land. Guide maps are printed in both English and Chinese for the Tourist to refer easily.

Where to Get Discounts on Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Prices

The Disney Land is owned by the Walt Disney Company Government of Hong Kong and it is operated by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks. Among all the Disney Lands this Disney Land’s park has the lowest capacity of 34,000 visitors daily. The target was fixed to a total visitors of 5.6 million but it attracted only 5.2 million people. On the next few years it had growth and received up to 5.2 million tourists in the year of 2010 . But it is fact to be accepted that the Hong Kong Disney land is under the consecutive years of loss. Yet it is trying to cope up with it and it is on the process of extension.

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