How To Deal With Bullying At School?

The psychological damage bullying can cause is immeasurable. Having to go through the same thing again and again really breaks you down. According to statistics, ever seven minutes a child is bullied and 85% of the time there is no intervention (adult intervention-11% and peer intervention-4%). These statistics of adult involvement are dangerously low. In some of the cases parents are unaware that their kid is being bullied and in other, they just don’t interfere. Bullying, in all its forms is equally risky. People, especially kids in school who are susceptible to bullying need to know how they can deal with their bullies. This should be of utmost priority because we cannot let primitive years of a child to be shape up on the basis of someone else’s opinion.

How to handle bullying?

Ignorance is a bliss. Anytime anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or unwanted, it is smart to ignore or just retract yourself from the situation. Don’t dignify the bully with a response. Walk towards a group of people or towards a teacher or someone who would not put up with their act.
Communication is the key. It is always better to let your feelings out especially in case of bullying. Talk to an adult and let them know what you are going through. Kids could either stand up for themselves or they could get an adult involved if the situation gets out of hand. You can also talk to a teacher directly or can report it through an anonymous note. The important thing is to talk it out and report it.
Keep calm and just breathe. Anytime you find yourself loosing your calm over a slur or a comment, just take a deep breath. The bully’s goal is to get into your head and mess with your emotions. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Take few deep breaths and go to your happy place. However, while doing this make sure that you maintain proper eye contact with the bully. This will show them how strong you are and that you are unfazed by their little comments.
Stand up for yourself. After a certain point the situation just gets out of hand and you have a ball of white hot rage inside you. The best idea would be to suppress it and avoid lashing out. Instead, you must firmly make your point without losing your cool. Don’t insult the bully or use physical force, it will only make things worse. Try to handle the situation with maturity. And if you can’t, just talk to someone and let it all out.

As much as it is a child’s duty to inform their parents about their situation, the parents must also look out for signs to see if their child is being harassed at school. Some of the common signs are:
– not wanting to go to school
– having limited or no friends at all
– constantly bad grades
– nightmares
– change in behavior
These are some of the common symptoms parents must look out for in their kids especially if they start a new school or move to a new city.

In order to stop bullying it is necessary that all parties work together. The school, the teachers, the parents and the kids as well. Kids must be made so independent and strong that they are capable enough to fight for themselves and for those who face it. The school must create an open environment where the kids can talk about what they are dealing with. Bullies must be made aware of the impact their statements have on the other person and the receiver must report it so no one else has to deal with it in the future. Teach the kids to act in a calm manner. Don’t fight violence with violence. Being aggressive is not the answer. Make smart decisions and foster a positive environment for those around you.

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