Celebrity Endorsements

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behavior
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Celebrities can influence the taste, preference and beliefs of the public. They can make powerful Influence in the minds of consumers about the product and services which they endorse. A popular face can communicate more than any advertisement using a model. It will lead to mass brand sale. Companies use stars to endorse any products and services like food, soft drinks, soaps, perfumes, hair oil, cosmetics, home appliances, mobile networks, mobile phones, electronic equipment, health products, automobile etc. Even political parties are influenced by the charisma of stars because of the magnetism of stars in the country. In the recent parliament election major political parties fielded a record number of stars from different constituencies around the country. South Indian star Nagma, Innocent and Suresh Gopi from Malayalam industry, Anitha Prathap from media competed in election.

Factors of successful celebrity branding

1)            Consistency and long-term Commitment

As with branding, companies should try to maintain consistency between the endorser and the brand to establish a strong personality and identity. More importantly, companies should view celebrity endorsements as long-term strategic decisions affecting the brand. A global must respect local needs, wants, and tastes while endorsing.

2)            Prerequisites to Selecting Celebrities

Before signing on celebrities to endorse their brands, companies need to ensure that they meet three basic prerequisites, namely the endorser should be attractive, have a positive image in society, and be perceived as having the necessary knowledge (although it might be difficult for a celebrity to meet all three prerequisites.

3)            Celebrity-Brand match

Companies should ensure a match between the brand being endorsed and the endorser so that the endorsements are able to strongly influence the thought process of consumers and create a positive perception of the brand. Tiger Woods endorsing the Buick brand makes no sense at all. There is just no believability that Tiger is dying to drive a Buick. And without believability celebrity endorsement is worthless.

4)            Constant monitoring

Companies should monitor the behavior, conduct and public image of the endorser continuously to minimize any potential negative publicity.

5)            Selecting Unique Endorsers

Great brands represent great ideas. These brands express the uniqueness of position to all internal and external audiences. Companies should try to bring on board those celebrities who do not endorse competitors’ products or other quite different products, so that there is a clear transfer of personality and identity between the endorser and the brand. The controversy related to the endorser’s personal or professional life must hamper the associated brand image. Kobe Bryant’s family-friendly endorsement deals with Nutella and McDonald’s came to a quick end after he was accused of rape.

6)            Timing

As celebrities command a high price tag, companies should be on the constant lookout for emerging celebrities who show some promise and potential and sign them on in their formative years.

The benefits of celebrity branding

  • Attracts the attention: Celebrity ensures attention by breaking the clutter of ads and makes the brand more noticeable.
  • Establishes credibility: celebrities create a sense of trust for the brand among target audience. It will be more helpful to new products.
  • Associative benefit: When the celebrity prefers the product it helps to create a persuasion to the target audience. It creates a feeling that as the celebrity benefits from the brand the consumer will also benefit.
  • Psychographic connect: Stars are loved and respected by the public, so the advertisers use stars to capitalize the feeling to turn the fans towards their brand.
  • Demographic connect: Stars represent different demographic segments like age, gender, class, geography etc.
  • Mass Appeal: Stars have universal appeal can make interest among these masses.