Female Foeticide: A Tragedies Social Evil

Female Foeticide is a curse which is still practiced in the undeveloped parts of India. As it’s a major problem its frequency is increasing rapidly with the passage of time. We live in a country where maximum people are hypocrites. We are the one who puts up slogans like “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” on the other end of the spectrum if a baby girl is born she is cursed and treated as a burden. Women are always criticized and considered inferior than man but the most brutal killing of females takes place frequently even before they are born. Female Foeticide is the process when the female fetus is aborted took place inside the womb of the mother with the intension of greed of getting the baby boy. Killing a girl inside the mother’s womb is a matter of shame and is a great offense. It is illegal in India but is still practiced in the rural areas.

Every woman marries with the dream of getting a sophisticated family and Childers. In reverse what they get is a family which constantly pressures the female to give birth to a male child. In India, pregnancy is always followed end number of question whether the unborn is baby girl or boy. India is filled with people who have the obsession for the male child where the baby boy is always the reason of joy, celebration and happiness contradictory to it when a girl is born she is considered as a matter of economic drain and will always be a matter of debts for the family. We usually think that such offence are practiced by the people of lower section of society but this statement is not always true as it was found that in several cases the people belonging to the luxurious classes shift from India to other country just to know the sex as its illegal in our country India. People have a orthodox thinking that if a boy is born he is considered as an investment for the family as he is the one who will support the household throughout but when a girl is born since her initial breathing she is considered as an economic liability as one day they will get married with massive dowry. We live in a patriarchal society where bring up a boy is not a big task but if we keep an eye in the condition of the society keeping a girl safe is a matter of big deal. Some outdated thinker says that that a boy can be the reason of betterment of the family. We can see massive number of women who are against the birth of girl child. But one thing which they don’t realized is they too were born as girls.

Female Foeticide is problems of underlying disorder in which people have the perception that bearing a daughter in a family doesn’t create any economic sense also do not provide any social advantages. We live in a biased society that always favor’s male child more than the female one and this is quite noticeable from the declining sex ratio which is rapidly increasing. Summing up with, every being is a creation of Almighty and is a gift for us. One should learn to respect each gender it doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl or a boy. We all are human being and supporting such illegal offense is against humanity.

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