How urbanisation affects life

Firstly we need to understand what is urbanisation. Urbanisation is a process in which people migrate from rural areas to urban areas in search of job opportunity or to fulfill their needs directly or indirectly.

In last 20 years there has been a large amount of urbanization. People have migrated from rural areas to urban areas in a large number.

Does penal of problem due to this organisation some of them are discussed below

Problems or disadvantages of urbanization

There are a lot of problems of urbanization ,some of them are as follows

The first disadvantage of urbanisation is that it increased population of urban areas . People from rural areas migrated in urban areas and the people who are already residing in urban areas has been changed or removed from their places so this made an increase in the population of urban areas because more and more people are now moving from their place.

Second disadvantage is that due to increase in population in urban areas people are getting more and more poor in urban areas. Why? Because there are a fixed number of jobs in urban areas and if, only population will increase and there will be very less increment in job opportunities it will ultimately lead to poverty. Some People do not get jobs in urban areas and since they have moved into cities they have to reside there and for that they work for even lesser stipend.

The third disadvantage is that people get demotivated. This is because they have dreamt about a beautiful world urban cities or urban areas but they even didn’t get a satisfying job which make them unhappy and dissatisfied.

There are many more disadvantages of urbanization. Let’s end it here. We will talk about some positives of urbanization because I don’t want to just tell you you that urbanization is bad in all ways. Let’s see some positive sides of urbanization

Advantages of urbanization

As we have already seen that there are a lot of disadvantages of urbanization but now let’s move and talk about some advantages and it’s not like there are only disadvantages there are a lot and lots of advantages of urbanization .

The first advantage of urbanization is is that it makes people educated.As we All know that education is one of our basic rights and we must get this right. The main reason for urbanization is basically to the first is that people move to urban areas in search of jobs and the second is that people move to urban area to get educated. So, Urbanisation leads to the way of education.

The second is that people get to work in urban areas which makes them fulfill their needs and wants. Some people get very good jobs which make them happy and motivated.

Urbanization helps in education of not only the individual who has migrated it also helps in the education of his or her whole village people. When a person moved from rural to urban area he learns a lot of think and he gets educated he knows his rights he get educated about his fundamental rights HE getS educated about many things which rural people don’t know about, this makes not only him educated but when he went again to his village HE WIL SHARE all these beautiful knowledge to his own whole village and not only his village but the neighbours of his village which makeS A big amount of people educated.

In this we can see that there are many advantages and disadvantages of urbanisation question is that what should we choose should we go with urbanization or should we stop it?

According to me you should stop urbanization no no I am not saying that we should stop urbanization in a negative way I am saying that why not make a rural or urban area why not we convert a rural area into an urban area that’s great right I know that is so we should make convert rural areas into beautiful urban areas this will make the rural people also feel amazing and I will learn they will be educated about a lot of things because in urban cities why we might read a lot of things so this will make them feel educated at this will make them feel cut and this will also lead to the country’s development then why we are not nrusinha should now so if there will be anything like where you can help and advise people on this topic kindly kindly kindly give them advice and tell them not to migrate but to make their own village or city is special allowance same for government

Thank you so much.

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