Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is a light – hearted, entertaining film with a hidden but deep message that leaves you with many questions about life to ponder upon.
Are we living our truth? Are we following our passion? What is the purpose of life? And do we know who we really are and what we really want in life?

Since our childhood, we are made to follow the rules set by the society. Fourteen years of primary and secondary education, three year of college diploma, and then join the rat race to get a perfect job with a good package. After landing to a perfect job, we work hard to earn money, save some for our next generation and finally retire. Sadly, it’s the retirement that most working people look up to so that they can finally enjoy their life. Its a vicious cycle that has continued for generation after generation, only because no one questioned it.
The most important thing that we often miss out, while trying to follow the set societal pattern is to actually LIVE our lives. We are so engrossed in planning for the next that we forget the importance of now and do not even live the now. Young adults work for a secure retirement so that they can enjoy their life. But often, that is the time when most of them regret not following their passion and doing what was best for them. However, they are left with very little time and hence are not able to make amends to their mistake.

In the movie we see Bunny as such a character, who in no way is a perfect ideal boy from the society’s perspective. He is seen a careless, emotionless, flirtatious young boy who denies to follow the rules set by others. He sets his own path for life. He is passionate about travelling, which again is not the most respected profession unlike engineering and medical. They want him to fit to a tie-suit, 9-5 job so that he can earn well and be accepted by the society. However, he had other plans for his life.

Though he was a “last bench ka loafer” who never passed an examination without cheating, he was more knowledgeable compared to other characters. Yes, he had less of bookish knowledge but he could pass any examination in the subject called life without having to copy others.

We live for 60-70 years on an average, yet its very late in life that we truly get to know ourselves. Often people do not even know themselves and follow a fake portrayal of themselves in order to suit the eyes of the society. They try to hide their real self, just to protect themselves from society’s judgement. However, Bunny stood apart from such a description. He knew himself and his expectations from life. Hence, he allows the society to judge him inside out as he was true to himself. However, It took years for Naina to decide what she wanted from life , and how it was so miserable that she couldn’t even afford a weekend break, because of her immense syllabus. It took her years to understand that she can never be a perfect daughter in the eyes of her parents, just by obeying them. And it was high time, she had to stand up for herself and her dreams which may not be well accepted by others. She was such a product of the society that believed that if she followed every rule, studied well, obeying her elders, became a doctor, she would be respected and accepted in the society. However, it was when she met her classmate Aditi, she realised that she had to take things in her own hands in order to better her life.

To a larger extent, Bunny played an important part in inspiring Naina to accept and love herself for who she was. Bunny had seen a lot in life. He lost his mother at a very young age, he never had a good relationship with his step-mother, he had financial issues, he never communicated well to his father and he had dreams that were different from the normal masses. Yet he never gave up on his dreams. He knew he had to earn for himself. Hence, he perused multiple side jobs along with his college so that he could save for the life that he desired, without depending on his family.

Though people see him to be a flirty, spoiled brat. I personally see him as a happy soul who loves to meet people and make new friends throughout the world. On a personal level, I believe it is not wrong to be over-friendly or to flirt with the opposite gender, until it is within the boundaries and consensual.

We live in such a society where various incidents do happen without the consent of the other person and yet those at fault live with the show of a respectable men and are honoured. It is the true gentlemen like Bunny who are termed as Casanova. He is respectable towards women, knows his limits, is helpful even to the unknown and I guess that is what counts to be a true gentleman. There were certain incidents like the time when Naina was not comfortable talking about adult films. He knew his boundaries and respected her choices.

Bunny brings out the best in people which helps them know and love themselves. He knows the importance of travelling and how an experience like such can change a person’s perspective towards life. Even when he was a complete stranger to Naina, he encouraged her and it would not be wrong to say that he was the one who made Naina believe in herself and love herself.

There was one such incident when they had been invited to a camp party. Naina being unknown to the concept of chilling with unknown strangers and making new friend, was hesitant. Often in life, we face such situations where we have doubt ourselves and fear the unknown. It is then, that we need someone to understand us and give the last push in order to overcome it. Bunny indeed was such a push to Naina. Though everyone believed Naina to be a serious, studious bookworm, it was Bunny who could bring out the fun Naina that was always inside her, waiting to be discovered and explored.