The internet has engendered a completely new outlook to the world. On one hand its a hub to world wide connections whereas on the other hand its has given people a new meaning to freedom of expression, which is not always used in a positive way.

Article 19 of the Indian constitution gives people the freedom to hold opinions until to a point it doesn’t hurt one’s self esteem and name. But unfortunately nowadays trolling and cyber bullying has become a part of our day to day lives.

According to a study published by the University of Manitoba, in Canada, found that trolls exhibit the personality traits of an individual like narcissists, psychopaths and sadists who take pleasure in the suffering of other people. In the latest yearly Freedom of the Net report, Freedom House studied 65 countries worldwide between June 2016 and May 2017, found that internet freedom has declined for the seventh consecutive year. China was the world’s most aggressive abuser of internet freedom for the third consecutive year, followed by Syria. Another study explored “personality traits and social motivations associated with individuals who engage in online trolling, specifically on Facebook.”


There are many reasons why trolling happens and one is different from other. People’s lack of will to appreciate the difference in opinions leads to trolling. Another such reason is impatience in people. It can also occur due to insecurity budding within themselves. Some people troll even for seeking attention, for boredom and what not.


Victims of trolling can undergo a sort of mental trauma and can really feel unsafe. Some can even take extreme decision like suicide. It on a majority affects teenagers. Depression and anxiety increases.


One cannot win with a troll but the best way to combat it is: If it is casual online troll, the best one can do is to ignore it completely as we all know “ignorance is bliss“. For repeated troll, report the user to the moderators of the system. If a mass of people report then the moderators have to take away the trolls ability to post online which commonly means that the troll is no more or blocked by IP address.

On conclusion, all that can be said is one need to take control of their behavior and treat everyone as they like to be treated.