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Advertising has become very prevalent in our daily lives , so for a product to stand apart , it is very essential to present it in a dynamic , visually stimulating manner to grab the attention of consumers . The business world is slowly rejecting run of the mill tradition methods (such as placing ads in yellow pages , distributing pamphlets , etc.) and adopting solutions from the electronic era . Only companies with a nerve to radically change their marketing strategies for the new millennium will survive and be able to cater to ever- changing customer’s mindset . Applications of multimedia in the marketing field include the following :

  • Presentations for launching the products of a company . Reaching the target audience with necessary technical services or products requires clear communication stating the benefits and features , outlining its applications and any other product -related details , all presented in a well- designed and interactive manner so that the users can be familiarized faster . Multimedia presentations helps in motivating , informing and captivating audiences via PCs , laptops , plasma screens or kiosks delivered via CD-ROM or the Internet .
  • Multimedia is used to create interactive product catalogues , training tutorials , buyer guides and information directories with adequate search and navigation facilities to guide the user to easily trace the desired information . A buyer guide can list the nearly dealers , a comparison of the top brands , maps of the city and other helpful guest services .
  • E-mail advertising or placing banner ads on the internet is an extremely cost -effective method of launching a product , promoting an event or selling services . Effective use of multimedia in advertising can make potential clients sit up and make notice .
  • Multimedia applications help in building brand loyalty as well as improving sales .Brand loyalty will be improved as the users are provided a custom application which entertains ; informs or assists them .
  • Graphical elements , animations , as well as audio and video can be used to more effectively deliver sales instructional or marketing messages , thereby differentiating a firm from its competitors .