Having a simple life without any miseries is quite impossible.No one can live the life with full of happiness.There comes the time when one should go through all the things, no matter who they are and what they are.

I am always interested to learn different arts and culture of various countries ,among them I am always interested in japanese arts .Not only their arts but also their traditions ,their cultures has valuable meanings in it . So I came across this concept of ‘Kintsugi’ when I watched the video of Priya Malik from a poetry show ,immediately I googled this word to learn more about Kintsugi and I amazed after finding the hidden meaning behind it .

The Art of Kintsugi means ‘Golden repair’ ,it is the japanese art form and it comes under pottery repair method. Emphasizing not hiding the break but be proud to show the broken pieces in a unique and beautiful piece .This art form was evolved in 15th century by Ashikaga Yoshimasa .When his favorite tea cup was broken ,he felt too bad and he wants to repair that at any cost ,so he sent that broken piece to china to joint that broken piece but they failed in repairing that and again they sent it to japan .Ashikaga was too stubborn and he doesn’t give up on his precious thing which is broken ,so he ordered the japanese people to repair it ,at last after doing a lot of research they came across with a proper solution which repaired the cup into beautiful piece.

Eventually ‘The Art of Kintsugi ‘ has transformed to ‘The Art of Healing’ in this modern era .Just comparing our lives as broken piece ,we often broken our relationships at certain times due to some circumstances ,at that time we feel to heal ourselves .So this whole process of transforming the broken piece to beautiful piece gives the proper solutions to our broken heart .Giving a meaning that #brokenbutbeautiful .

Dont feel depressed ,anxious or sad when some tragedy happens to our lives .Time heals everything ,it has its own power .Just like a broken piece taken its own time to change into beautiful one.

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