When the major IT companies of India are expecting their employees to be back in office?

As the Covid-19 graph is falling, and people have been working from Home for the past one year due to the pandemic, the IT giants of India namely; TCS, Wipro, and Infosys sooner or later this year are expecting to bring back their employees to the office. 

The Chief Human Resources Officer(Saurabh Govil) of Wipro recently said that Bengaluru-based Wipro is likely to call employees slowly back to the office from September. As vaccination is attaining stride, depending on the situation of pandemic and third wave. In a press conference, Govil mentioned, “This will vary between country by country and different stages of the pandemic. This will not be one size fits all.” The company’s Chairman, Rishad Premji said that around 55% of the employees in India are vaccinated. The company has around 2 lakhs employees.

Further, the largest software company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is also looking forward to bring its employees back to the office once they are fully vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus by September this year. Milind Lakkad (company’s Chief of Global Human Resources) stated, “…In less than two months, over half a million associates and family members and over 70 percent of our associates have been vaccinated, and we are on track to vaccinate all TCSers and families by September.” He also mentioned, “During April and May, the second wave of the pandemic has been quite demanding for the TCS Family. Our thoughts are with the families who suffered the personal loss despite our best efforts. I want to acknowledge the temperament and personality of our associates who stood by each other in these stressful times.”

Infosys’ Chief Operating Officer ( U.B Pravin Rao) also answered questions considering bringing back employees to the office, during a press conference after Quater-1 results. He said that 98% of the employees globally are working from home. “We expect 20-30% of people to start coming to work from the office, this will vary to geographies, depend on nature of projects, individual preferences,” Rao said. Rao also informed that in India around 58% of the employees are fully vaccinated and 10% of the employees are partially vaccinated, “we can increase the number of people coming to the office to work this quarter.”

Apart from this, all the three IT giants of India are expecting to hire more than 1 lakh college graduates this year. 

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