Love cannot be explained . It can only be experienced . Love cannot be experienced , yet it explains all


This book became one of my favorite reads in recent days. What I thought about this book is completely different , understanding more about love and life simultaneously is the beautiful feeling one can realize . No matter who you are and what you are , it doesn’t matter if there is no Love in your life. With love , one cannot lead there life happily . The story starts with a women named Ella Rubinstein who works in literary agency , her duty is to write the report on the manuscript called Sweet Blasphemy written by Aziz . That is the time Aziz comes in to her life turned into different mode. And also we learn more about devish culture. Shams teaches a lot of valuable lessons to the people . Here each and every character admires you the best because they are the ones who gives that delightful meaning of love and life.

The forty rules mentioned in this book are eye opener to everyone , they are really a thought provoking rules one should possess.. Every true love and Friendship is story of unexpected transformation. If we are the same person before and after love, that means we haven’t loved enough.

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