What is Visa Provisioning?

In today’s fast changing and developing world, technology has taken over. Technology has dominated the world in many aspects. One such sector is the payment sector. The world is leaning towards the method of online payment. The drift towards it has been increasing rapidly with time. Now focusing on this area of online payments, we have an excellent system. It is Visa Provisioning.

Visa Provisioning is the system of online payment on a mobile phone. It helps in effortlessly downloading the payment account details on your mobile phone. This service is mainly convenient for mobile operating systems along with some other systems. Visa Provisioning is a service based on a technology called NFC. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Come on, let’s have a look at this.

What is NFC?

NFC is wireless communication technology. It allows the users to exchange data between two devices in a short-range. It is considered to be expanding at a great pace for a newly launched technology. In some ways, it is better than Bluetooth too.

Features of Visa Provisioning

  1. Visa Provisioning works only with the NFC technology installed on mobile phones. This is the reason why it doesn’t work on some of the new mobile systems.
  2. It is known to be efficient for both Visa and Non-Visa transactions.
  3. It does an excellent job in transit applications as well.
  4. Payments can be effectively completed by this system over a distance too.

Working of Visa Provisioning

It can not be stressed enough that this only works with the NFC technology. Now let’s find out how this amazing system works. You just need to follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  1. Firstly you have to activate the mobile payment system on your mobile.
  2. Now, just enter the correct password in order to proceed with the payment process. Make sure you don’t enter the wrong password because it will lead to the cancellation of the payment.
  3. Once you authenticate, the NFC technology will begin its work. It will exchange some payment account details and some credentials keys among its network.
  4. After completion of this process, you can download the details on your phone easily.
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Benefits of Visa Provisioning Service

Visa Provisioning is a very beneficial system for online payments. Below are some benefits of the same. Let’s have a look.

  1. Smooth payment options – Contact less payments are done using NFC. Visa Provisioning system eases the process for the customers and as well as for the bankers and the transit operators.
  • Easy connectivity – This has great connectivity and can be used anywhere, anytime. The Visa Provisioning system has made this easy for all.
  • Advanced payments – Advanced mobile payments are being carried out by this system for years now. It has evolved and grew around the world. By this you can also link your mobile phone with you Visa account.
  • User friendly – This is a very user friendly network. It is easy to use. It provides quick payment options. It can also operate from a distance.
  • Secured network – Yes, Visa provisioning is a safe and secured way of mobile payments. It only requires an e-mail address for registration. This type of facility provides you the advantage of carrying out your payments in a much more easy and effective way. It also features many security measures like PIN authentication and stores all your data safely in a third party service provider.

How does Visa Provisioning Service Differ from Other Types of Mobile Payment Methods ?

Other mobile payment services also use the near field communication (NFC). Visa Provisioning services can be used for any type of cards whereas other methods are confined to their company.

The bank issuing your card can choose to allow Visa Provisioning service for your payment account as long as they meet the requirements. This will also allow their customers to take advantage of the card less payment options just by using mobile.

Another advantage of the Visa Provisioning Services is that they are instant transactions without needing any information.

The Future for Mobile Payments

As we all know, the future of the world lies in technology advancements over the coming years. Online and card less payments are just another addition to the perks of living in an advanced world. It makes the payments easier and safer as compared to the old methods.

The future of cash less payment methods is expected to grow continuously. Major online payment companies like PayPal and Apple Wallet are beginning to make a place for themselves in the market. It is due to their convenience factor and user friendly environment.

The Visa Provisioning Service only requires a single tap on your mobile screen and your money will be transferred or transacted in no time. The NFC technology ensures the safety of your personal details as well as takes care of the whole process of online payment.

How Does Visa Provisioning Service Work with Mobile Payments ?

Mobile payments are apparently considered different from the contact less payments. Contact less payments require both the card and the terminal to support this capability. They are referred to as NFC payments.

Mobile payments require that the device should be connected to Blue Tooth or Near Field Communication Technology so that the transactions can be made without having to swipe the card.

Using NFC technology creates an authorization for payments. You just have to tap on the eligible device name shown on their screen, for the transactions. It can be a store or any other appropriate location. You can use your fingerprint or your PIN number to complete the process of online payment.

How to Maintain Visa Provisioning Services ?

To maintain the Visa Provisioning Service, you need to visit your Visa account by either downloading the Visa Token Service or linking it with your mobile number for receiving a code. Then you can easily maintain your account.

For organizations, they have their own different processes for maintain the Visa Provisioning Services for their consumers.

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Disadvantages of Visa Provisioning Services

  1. Can not make purchases from mobile apps.
  2. It is a third party payment method so additional fees may be required.
  3. Have to give up your privacy of the Visa account.
  4. Transactions may be declined in case of insufficient funds or incorrect account details.
  5. There is a higher risk of identity theft.
  6. There may be cases of credit card frauds.
  7. Unauthorized purchases can also be done by this method.

Some Companies that use Visa Provisioning Services

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Google (Google Pay)
  • Netflix
  • Samsung
  • Sony PlayStation Store
  • Apple
  • Dell Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Visa Provisioning Service important ?
  2. Visa Provisioning Services is important because it links your credit card to your mobile for easy online payments. It ensures safe transaction successfully.
  • How can you deactivate Visa Provisioning Services ?
  • To deactivate Visa Provisioning from your device, follow these steps :
  • Go to your mobile settings.
  • Tap on the ‘apps’ or ‘applications’ option.
  • Select Visa Provisioning Service from the list of your apps.
  • Click on the ‘uninstall’ button to deactivate your Visa Provisioning Service account.
  • What is Visa Provisioning Service 0$ ?
  • Zero dollar charge is a one time payment that requires validation of your mobile phone number and your address for a Visa card.
  • Where are Visa Provisioning Services currently available ?
  • It is currently available in the United States. It is not currently operating internationally. But other NFC transaction methods are in use over the world.