What’s Opt ed and how to write one?

As you all guessed it already, yes, it is a section in a newspaper. So, what do you think exactly is the expansion of ‘opt ed’ and the meaning behind it? Before going deep into the answer, let’s know editorial page in a newspaper is a separate page that is fully devoted for public express their opinions through letters to the editor. This is important to know as Opt ed is often placed on the editorial page.What is Opt ed?Opt ed is the abbreviation of the word opposite the editorial page. Opt ed is an article that often has the author expressing an opinion to create a discussion among the readers, this article is not affiliated with the media publisher. It is written by a person who is qualified enough to have an opinion. It is between 700 – 800 words. As it represents the clarity of thinking, it is very important for the person who is writing the opt ed to have a defined clarity on hi or her opinion.How to write one?There are few suggestions to produce an effective opt ed article.Catchy titleThe title of the article should be appealing, as you have not got all the time of the reader. The reader should be pulled in to read the article just by looking at the title and be convinced that it’s worth his or her time to continue.Start your article by addressing the issueInstead of spending a paragraph to introduce the issue, it is better to get straight to the main point. As a lengthy introduction can tire the reader.Make it look shortSticking to the word limit is an important rule to be followed. Article will be more effective if it is short and clear. As lengthy-looking articles are often rejected by readers. In other words, sticking to the word limit decides whether the reader will pick the paper or not.The opinion should belong to belong to youYou should own the opinion that is being expressed. It is better not to be a ghost writer (a person writing someone else’s opinion). Owning the opinion is very important as the ghost writer may not always agree with your opinion, which will end with the article being not so effective and powerful.EvidenceThe article would be well built if your points or opinion on an issue is addressed with evidences. Placing more evidences on the article can give more clarity to the readers.KnowledgeYou should have significant knowledge on the issue that you are going to write about. Providing information regarding the topic with inaccuracy will land you and the newspaper organization that published on trouble. On the other hand, it will mislead the readers.Do Opt ed writers get paid?Before knowing the answer, let us know Opt ed writers are of two types – one that works when the newspaper organization approaches him or her to write an Opt ed article and the other is one of the readers (public) who approach the newspaper organization to get their article published on their newspaper columns.The first type of Opt ed writers get paid mostly while the second type often gets rewarded with publicity that adds to their market image.

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