‘Summer vacation’-Before Pandemic VS During Pandemic.

Summer vacations are the best time in a year for every student. It offers every student an opportunity to explore new stuff. It also offers a chance of taking a break from the daily routine and shift to new hobbies such as gardening, painting, singing, and dancing while having fun with friends. All of us spend summer vacation doing what we love the most. Some people like to play at home simple, while others prefer stepping out to explore new things.

How I spent my summer Vacation, before Pandemic?

One reason why we have a long summer holiday is that the weather is just too hot to study or play or do anything comfortably. Many of my school friends run away with their families to the cool comfort of the hills. Those who stay back in the city get up late, hang around with friends, sleep an hour or two in the afternoons, and watch TV or play video games in the evenings. To me this amounts to doing almost nothing. During my last summer holidays, however, I did do something!

Of course, in the first three days of my month-long break it was great to wake up at six in the morning, take a look at my watch, and go back to sleep. I woke up at six-thirty, and that extra half- hour was pure heaven. But from the fourth day onwards, there was something else on my agenda-a three-week table-tennis coaching camp for school students. It was being conducted for three hours in the morning, five days a week, in a local club. The head coach, in his playing days, had represented India. Here was an opportunity I did not want to miss at any cost. After all, I too want to play for my country some day.

Since the camp started at 8 am, I was back to getting up at six. At the camp I learnt some new ways to serve, and some new strokes like the jab. I improved my ability to handle spin. I quickened my reflexes. I also learnt how to quickly find out an opponent’s weaknesses, and attack him there. Returning home and bathing with lots and lots of water was quite a treat. In the afternoons, I studied and slept. In the evenings there was a great family reunion with all of us sitting together to watch TV. When school was on, there just wasn’t enough time for this. Before I knew it, my summer vacation was over, and I was itching to display my new-found table tennis skills in our Indoor Games Hall in school!

How I spent my summer vacation, during Pandemic?

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, summer vacations may look different this year. Thus, there are some additional considerations to assess when taking time off. Here are some tips for lawyers considering vacationing during the summer months.

The New Normal: Consider Travel Restrictions and Self-Quarantines
Before planning any trips out of state, it can be helpful to consider whether your law firm has policies on local and international travel. Many law firms have travel restrictions or other parameters restricting an attorney’s return to an office after travel. If traveling out of state, depending on the destination since some states are considered “hotspots,” you may have to observe self-quarantining requirements before returning to the office.

If a planned vacation is to a hotspot area or an area with increased levels of infection, it can be helpful to consider beforehand whether you have the capability to work from home if you cannot return to the office for 14 days after travel. Many attorneys also are confirming whether their existing plans to visit other states still make sense at this time. For example, some states are requiring people to quarantine upon arrival. Other popular vacation destinations may pose an increased risk to vacationers who were otherwise practicing social distancing and other steps to reduce risks at home. Thus, the vacationing attorney may consider where the original plan can be revised or altered to reduce ongoing risk of getting sick or of being unable to return to the office in a timely way.

Plan Ahead:-
Given that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how many of us work, it is important to consider the ramifications of the new normal and the impact of the vacationing attorney on others. As such, the vacationing attorney can plan ahead to ensure that everyone is given latitude to adjust their schedules to accommodate potential additional work or issues that may require attention.

health is prior to enjoyment so ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’.

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