2010 v/s 2020

We no longer smile at people

It has been ages since I last smiled at an unknown stranger when our eyes met. Social media, news, movies, has made us so uptight and alert that our natural reflex has shifted from smiling to suspecting them.

We no longer enjoy food as we did

Snapchat and Instagram have made people forget the value of here and now. Instead of being happily in the present moment, we are often more focused on portraying a happy life which may be far from the reality. The satisfaction of the first sip of the morning tea or the first bite of the domino’s pizza doesn’t feel the same as it did a decade ago. The first thought that we have when we see a delicious food now is to click a perfect picture to show other’s how wonderful our life is.

We no longer see Bollywood as we did before

A decade back movie stars were famous for their work and that was enough in itself. Acting was seen as a profession and a job. However, the current Bollywood seems more like a political party than a show business. It is not the work but the lives of the celebrities that we are most interested in. Political leaders are supposed to have opinions and that is what is to be taken seriously by the people. However, now it is the opinions of our favourite celebrities that we are more into.

We no longer have real meaningful bond

The friendship and relationship trends have changed since the last decade. There were more meaningful bonds between link minded people who were true to one another (even behind their back). However, now the long evening chai meets have turned to Starbucks coffee meets. Where though we are physically together, but mentally and emotionally far into two different worlds in our mobile phones.