A General Awareness on the pandemic!!!


What do you call the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? Covid-19

The second wave of Covid is making people suffer from its worst effects as the newly affected on a daily basis have reduced to less than 40,000 from 4 lakh of affected within ten days as per the latest reports of WHO organization released recently. The deaths are nearly more than 4 lakh of population and the government of various states are managing to control the spread of this virus. The doses of vaccines are prepared in a full stream as 34 lakhs of vaccines are distributed to several states and countries from the Serum Institute since it was approached by WHO company to prepare these doses. The third wave of Covid have already started in Australia that has affected nearly 20,000 people so far with even more advanced side effects of this virus. Accompanied by the death rate of these fungus as 5 out of 10 people prove fatality with negligence of side effects. As relaxations are made every country government works to control the spread and remove this deadly virus all over the globe.

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