Attending the job interview

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Whenever any job opportunity is provided by the employer there are many people who must have shown interest in it and filled up the forms but may be the positions are less than the number of applicants so interview is the next step in which all the selected candidates are called up for further information. They will be asked about their interest , why they are suitable for that position and many other questions . In the interview the employer can see the applicant and find out their response along with their personality. Suppose if there is any employer looking for a candidate who is having the calm personality but if there is no interview how will the employer can evaluate and choose the most appropriate candidate?

Interview is a conversation that takes place between the job applicant and the employer or may be the representative of an employer. This is done to find out whether the applicant is most capable of getting a job or not.

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Mostly these interviews involves the face-to-face interactions because a person can lie but their body language cannot. It is the most common method used to evaluate the applicants in order to ensure that the best person is recruited. Interview allows the employer to get into more details about the applicant as they can know how the applicants are replying ,how they are sitting ,how confident they are and some psychologist are also present at the time of interview who can easily find out the personality of a person. So the big question arises if this is so difficult and all aspects are checked up by the employer then how to attend the interview to get hired? We will answer this question by mentioning the following points that you must take care while going for a interview.


  • Be on time is the first thing that plays a very important role in creating the image in front of employer. Many people ignore this but if you want to have the image of a managed and a disciplined person always try to reach the interview location before 10 minutes of stated time.
  • Present yourself smart and dress properly it will not only make you look good but also provide you alot of confidence.
  • Have an eye contact with the employers when answering the questions it will remark you as a confident person but don’t look at them inappropriately otherwise it will be awkward.
  • Greet the employer but don’t try to be over friendly with them and dont dont off just stay honest and answer the questions.
  • Always have a knowledge about the working and history of the company for which you are going for an interview it will show that you have prepared well for it.
  • Body language must be clearly look out to avoid any stupid actions that can lead to your rejection. Don’t shake your legs and rubb your hands basically these small things will present you as a nervous person and no company want under confident people to work with.
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