Google and Apple employees are not happy with the decision to return to the Office.

Earlier this year in June, Apple CEO Tim Cook came up with a new hybrid working protocol that tells employees that they would be required to be present in the office thrice a week starting from September. But, it turns out that didn’t go well, as some of the employees claiming to leave the company if Apple directs their physical presence in the office. 

After the announcement was made, employees conveyed their frustration in their letter telling that it forced some of the employees to resign. Although a new report says that now Apple is denying even more appeals from the employees who are insisting to continue working from home. With around 6,000 members in a Company Sack channel, employees are pleading about leaving one of the world’s leading firms if it doesn’t change its decision. 

A report from the Verge said, “while in a company Sack channel where employees support for remote work, approximately around 10 employees said about quitting their job due to the hybrid work protocol or knew others who’d been forced to quit.”

The report also said that the tech giant has told the employees that those staff who documents their medical reports with the firm will only be getting permanent work from home, which “made some people uneasy.”

Also, according to a survey around 90℅ of the employees said that flexible working options are much important to them. Now, some of them are thinking to write a letter again to Apple while some are thinking to take the legal route. 

Even Google’s employees are not much happy about the company’s decision to bring employees back to the office. Earlier this year in May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced a hybrid working protocol similar to Apple’s, according to which employees would be required to be work from their offices thrice a week, which also starts from September. According to the new protocol, 20℅ of the staff would work remotely, and another 20% could work from fresh locations, but the salary would be adjusted according to the local market. 

Though Google is trying to bring employees back to the office, some employees are getting more frustrated with the anxiety over their shoulders. Employees are being tensed regarding office transfers and pay cuts. The widespread confusion and jagged enforcement of the new protocol, particularly among ground-level staff, also doesn’t help. 

Although in a recent survey Google software engineers said that they found themselves as constructive as they were before the pandemic.

Workers in many industries found it difficult to work virtually and have decided to quit their jobs. However, it is not the deal with the tech giants like Apple and Google, but it would be interesting to see when their employees shift back to the office. 

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