Impacts of Virtual gaming

In the late 90’s many adults and teenagers would have had a great craze for video games and they found it fun filled, entertaining and a way of relaxation from their mundane routine. The games would be innocuous without involving more harm or trauma , which were just meant to be for enjoyment, time pass and an activity to unwind without imposing more negative impacts on the user. But today as the technology is been growing by leaps and bounds , the games and gaming have changed a lot over the years. Modern games have brought amazing graphics that 90s developers could not have even imagined. Mobile is becoming a critical segment of the game industry. According to a research 70% of the families have at least one child who plays video games. The youngsters perceive the games available online to be more fascinating involving realistic characters, 3d effects and many such improvements in the field, but it also comes with lot more drama to an extent that it has caused many online games to be banned in the country.

More than of a relaxation and entertainment online games are becoming more dreadful. Under the garb of more developed features many lives are ruined, some of the games demand for investing money to afford the requisite tools for the games and the users are misled and deluded at times by many anonymous people in the game field. Without the right guidance, children can be exposed to many risks such as game bullying, abuses, hidden fees, privacy problems, webcam hacks, online grooming etc. Many children who are not aware of all the mishandlings in online gaming tend to get trapped very easily. The users are vulnerable to many of the risks and some even indulge in problems with investing money and get fooled at the end. We see many cases flooding the news with death , crimes and abuses involved in online gaming. There are many devastations that online gaming creates and the ultimate snag is losing lives.

A 26 year-old man hanged himself from a ceiling fan at his home in Visakhapatnam upset over losing money online while gaming. In Puducherry 38 year old man set himself ablaze after losing more than 30 lakhs rupees in an online rummy game. Women in gaming routinely suffer sexual harassments, aggressive abuse and sometimes even graphic threats of rape and murder. The study, carried out by Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust discovered some 35 % of women said they have been sent inappropriate content or messages from other gamers. The addiction to online games is more like an addiction to alcohols, when you cross the boundaries the effects are dreadful, alcohol ruins the physical health and more screen time to the online games ruins the mental health.

Especially in this pandemic situation everyone being locked up, it paved the way for the youngsters to indulge more in online gaming and gave rise to frightful impacts. The online game addicts reported more anxiety, depression, affects the psychological well being, builds negative emotions when they lose in the game, lowers self esteem, loneliness, poor academic performances. Constrained in a room, many are not even aware of what is happening around them or in the family and many parents worry their child’s rising aimlessness. Many are connected to online games via mobile, and the prolonged screen time increases eye sight, migraine and other related problems. It would be better if the children come to out this situation very soon otherwise it augments the idleness, dwelling in our home is not going to persist for long we have to return back to our work mode and this could be a great hindrance for their career. Parents should have complete monitor over their children’s activities over phone before they fall at the wrong hands. Adults can engage themselves in many other quality exercises which can bear fruit. Gaming can be taken up as an activity of relaxation and entertainment but it should not end eating up your lives.