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V.S. Roshana

I am a young enthusiastic person who likes to take up productive works and perform them efficiently. I am determined to all my work and exhibit my potentials in the finest way and provide magnificent results.

How can we spell the difference between remote controlled and autonomous drones?

The surging technological advancements has tremendously given rise to many innovations in diverse fields and similarly to a broader extent the drone technology has its prevalence and widespread applications in several sectors that are perceiving immense growth presently. Drones are bringing the next mass tech revolution and various sectors are […]

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Is it better to learn in a classroom or online?

The surging technologies and digital era has paved the way for many leading developments over several domains like healthcare, agriculture, business, communication, networking, medicine, aviation etc and particularly in education. Gently we were perceiving many evolutions occurring in the educational environment like practical learning with the help of digital platforms, […]

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Paleo dieting

The rise of health issues like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure continues to proliferate with a demand for dieting to lose weight for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the tempting […]

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